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8/11/04 Do write creatively?
8/10/04 If you were to get rid of one piece of furniture right now, what would it be?
8/9/04 Have you ever wanted to invent something?
8/8/04 If you were to invest in any one company at the moment, what would it be?
8/7/04 Do you (or would you) buy stocks?
8/6/04 What is your biggest emotional challenge at the moment?
8/5/04 Are you following the US presidential campaigns?
8/4/04 What is your favorite fruit?
8/3/04 Do you each sushi / sashimi?
8/2/04 What is your ideal US foreign policy?
8/1/04 What are your thoughts on stem cell research?
7/31/04 Do you think technologies should be illegal simply because they can be used for criminal purposes?
7/30/04 If you subscribe to cable or satellite tv, what would it take for you to cancel?
7/29/04 Do you currently possess any foreign currency?
7/28/04 Did you watch any of the Democratic National Convention?
7/27/04 If you were president, what would would you would like to accomplish?
7/26/04 What are you happy about at the moment?
7/25/04 What makes an ideal manager / supervisor?
7/24/04 Do you know anyone attending the Olympic games in Greece?
7/23/04 Have you ever been near a political convention?
7/22/04 What is your favorite folk / world music?
7/21/04 Should Tony Blair resign as British PM?
7/20/04 Do you currently own and ride a motorcycle? If yes, what year, make & Model?
7/19/04 What has been your most significant breach of office ethics?
7/18/04 Will you be raising funds for a political candidate this year?
7/17/04 How much money have you ever lost?
7/16/04 If you were to perform in public, what would be your talent?
7/15/04 What browser do you use to traverse the Internet?
7/14/04 How would you define Satan?
7/13/04 Are you familiar with the term "trading up"?
7/12/04 Are you a hat person?
7/11/04 What is the longest you have ever searched for a job?
7/10/04 Do you still have your appendix?
7/9/04 Have you even been perscribed pain killers?
7/8/04 Do you own your own car?
7/7/04 Do you belong to any social clubs?
7/6/04 What software applications are on your computer?
7/5/04 What is the largest monetary bill you have ever held in your hand?
7/4/04 Is independence different than freedom?
7/3/04 What is the most advanced skill you have?
7/2/04 Any plans for the weekend?
7/1/04 If televised, would you watch Saddam Hussein's trial?
6/30/04 Do you have any end of quarter activities?
6/29/04 Was the earlier handover of the Iraqi government a surprise to you?
6/28/04 Do you have a regular spiritual practice?
6/27/04 What do you think about VP Dick Cheney dropping the F-bomb?
6/26/04 Have you ever sat on a jury?
6/25/04 Have you ever been in a building that was on fire?
6/24/04 Do you listen to, watch, or read political media and if so, what?
6/23/04 Have you ever been sprayed by a skunk?
6/22/04 Are you planning on seeing the movie Farhenheit 9/11?
6/21/04 What are you most interested in at this time?
6/20/04 What was the last car problem you had?
6/19/04 What are you attempting to change in your live right now?
6/18/04 What is the worst thing about summer?
6/17/04 What was the last interesting thing you found?
6/16/04 Which do you prefere, flip flops or sandals?
6/15/04 What is your favorite hero / heroine myth?
6/14/04 How much does the media impact your views on what happens in the world?
6/13/04 What are your thoughts on Michael Moore?
6/12/04 Have you ever watched the Al-Jazeera Network?
6/11/04 Do you own a GPS device?
6/10/04 If you created a skit for Saturday Night Live, what would it entail?
6/9/04 Do you have a blog or do you read one regularly?
6/8/04 If you could start any business what would it be?
6/7/04 Would (or do) you get your pet's teeth cleaned?
6/6/04 What do you think of Ronald Reagan's death?
6/5/04 Do you know anyone who was part of D-Day?
6/4/04 What does the D stand for in D-Day?
6/3/04 Would you go on the Howard Stern show if invited?
6/2/04 What is your favorite magazine?
6/1/04 What makes a good parent?
5/31/04 What was the last live performance you attended?
5/30/04 What is your favorite tree?
5/29/04 If you could decorate in any style, what would it be?
5/28/04 When was the last time you were able to enjoy silence?
5/27/04 How do you listen to music?
5/26/04 What sounds have disappeared during you lifetime?
5/25/04 Do you regularly use a floppy disk?
5/24/04 Do you clip coupons?
5/23/04 What sort of summer reading you have lined up?
5/22/04 What level of sun block do you use?
5/21/04 What is the last thing you made?
5/20/04 Do you remember the speaker and/or the topic at your graduation?
5/19/04 What brand of toothpast do you use?
5/18/04 Have you ever participated in a sport?
5/17/04 When was the last time you moved?
5/16/04 What did you do today?
5/15/04 Do you have AC in your house?
5/14/04 Do you bike alot?
5/13/04 What was your last dream about?
5/12/04 Would you ever consider getting plastic surgery?
5/11/04 Have you ever taken a personality test?
5/10/04 What is your favorite pizza topping?
5/9/04 When was the last meeting you attended?
5/8/04 What is your favorite horror film monster?
5/7/04 What are you most tired of at the moment?
5/6/04 What conspiracy theory do you find most credible?
5/5/04 If you were the leader of your country, what would be your number one priority?
5/4/04 Do you grill with charcoal or gas?
5/3/04 Ocean or Mountains, which do you prefer?
5/2/04 How many identities do you possess?
5/1/04 Do you have a pool?
4/30/04 What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
4/29/04 Is it better to be a liar than to be honest?
4/28/04 If you were to buy a new car now, what car would you buy and why?
4/27/04 Do have stuff stored in a storage space separate from your house / apartment?
4/26/04 What is a belief or lifestyle choice you are surprised that people have an opinion about?
4/25/04 Do you have wireless Internet access anywhere?
4/24/04 What is your favorite card game?
4/23/04 If you could enact one law, what would it be?
4/22/04 What was the last movie you saw and what did you think of it?
4/21/04 Have you ever been knocked out cold?
4/20/04 What are you looking forward to?
4/19/04 Have you ever run in a marathon?
4/18/04 What are you thoughts on taxes?
4/17/04 Do you have any false / manufactured body parts?
4/16/04 How fast is your Internet access?
4/1/5/04 What perplexes you at the moment?
4/14/04 What are your neighbors like?
4/13/04 What is the weather like where you are today?
4/12/04 If you were held hostage by terrorists, would you want your government to meet their demands to secure your release?
4/11/04 If you were to build a bomb shelter, in case terrorists nuke us, what would be the essentials you would put in it?
4/10/04 What is your favorite way to cook chicken?
4/9/04 Do you celebrate Easter?
4/8/04 What is the worst remake of a song you have ever who?
4/7/04 What do you think about the Patriot Act?
4/6/04 What are you saving for?
4/5/04 What do you need most at this time?
4/4/04 What is the dumbest news item you have seen/read of late?
4/3/04 What is something you know that others would be surprised at?
4/2/04 Did anyone play an April's Fool joke on you?
4/1/04 Will you pull any April Fool's pranks today?
3/31/04 What is your favorite object in your house?
3/30/04 What is one chore you love to do?
3/29/04 What was your first reading primer?
3/28/04 What god/goddess are would you be?
3/27/04 How many phones do you have you your house?
3/26/04 Has Spring arrived in your neck of the woods?
3/25/04 What do you know about Viking culture?
3/24/04 Are you actively engaged in a political party?
3/23/04 What is your wickedest revenge plan?
3/22/04 Do the ends justify the means? If so, when?
3/21/04 What is your favorite video game?
3/20/04 What are you trying to learn right now?
3/19/04 What is your search engine of choice?
3/18/04 Have you ever had a friend turn on you?
3/17/04 What do you know about St. Patrick?
3/16/04 What vacation spot would you recommend to a friend on a limited budget?
3/15/04 How would you describe the ides of March?
3/14/04 What are you happy about at the moment?
3/13/04 When you divide the world's gross domestic product by the number of people in the world, what does that come to per person?
3/12/04 Would you have a lover somebody you wouldn't have as an employee?
3/11/04 Do you think the Lord of the Rings - The Return of the KIng deserved to win an Oscar for best picture?
3/10/04 What is your reaction about Mel Gibson's movie, The Passion of the Christ?
3/9/04 Have you gone to any of your High School Reunions?
3/8/04 Do you think Martha Stewart is guilty?
3/7/04 Do you save up your spare change and if so, do you spend it on something special/what do you do with it?
3/6/04 What is one thing you would like to fix, but is too expensive to do right now?
3/5/04 What did you receive in the mail today?
3/4/04 If you were to buy a new computer, what would you buy?
3/3/04 What is your favorite vacation spot?
3/2/04 How much loose change do you have right now?
3/1/04 Did you watch the Academy Awards last eve and if so, any opinions?
2/29/04 What are your thoughts on leap year?
2/28/04 What did you do today?
2/27/04 Which is more important too you, right now, time or money...why?
2/26/04 What is a decision you need to make?
2/25/04 What is most perplexing to you at the moment?
2/24/04 Who is your favorite author?
2/23/04 Where did you go on your last trip?
2/22/04 How would you define indecent?
2/21/04 What sort of exercise do you enjoy the most?
2/20/04 Is constructive criticism always helpful?
2/19/04 Is magic a good thing?
2/18/04 To what extent do you follow the politics of other countries?
2/17/04 What scares you more as a passenger: speeding or tailgating?
2/16/04 What cartoons did you watch as a kid?
2/15/04 How do you pass the time when you're sick?
2/14/04 What is a perfect Valentine's Day to you?
2/13/04 Did anything bad or annoying happen to you today - Friday the 13th?
2/12/04 What forms of birth control have you and do you use?
2/11/04 Why do some people feel compelled to squash other people's voices / opinions?
2/10/04 Do you think schools (especially public schools)are too strict, not strict enough, or just strict enough with students these days?
2/9/04 If you were going to jail for 10 or 20 years, what would you do on the last day before you went into the slammer?
2/8/04 Do you ski?
2/7/04 Is it better to betray a country or a friend?
2/6/04 What risks do you take?
2/5/04 Which is a better motivator guilt,praise or pride?
2/4/04 Is it better to work with thick skinned people or tactful people?
2/3/04 How often do you visit relatives?
2/2/04 Do you favor stimulants or depressants?
2/1/04 What do you do on Sunday morning?
1/31/04 Are you built for comfort or speed?
1/30/04 Has anybody every called you derogatory names...if so, what names really make you angry?
1/29/04 What flower reminds you of your mother?
1/28/04 What was your favorite movie in 2003?
1/27/04 Have you ever been fired from a job? IF so, why?
1/26/04 Why do you stay in your present job?
1/25/04 Do you ever watch the extra features or listen to the director's commentary on a DVD?
1/24/04 Which ingredients are always in your kitchen?
1/23/04 What are the qualities, or lack thereof, of a loser ?
1/22/04 What are the qualities of a winner (please give examples)?
1/21/04 Have you figured out the relationships between people who post answers on What are they?
1/20/04 How do you explain death to a child?
1/19/04 How much junk do you have in storage?
1/18/04 How old were you when you first had to deal with death?
1/17/04 How often do you go through old pictures?
1/16/04 What do you do when you can't sleep?
1/15/04 Do you have street maps of places you haven't been to yet?
1/14/04 How much of the Bible have you read?
1/13/04 How do you feel about Groundhog’s Day?
1/12/04 Do you use candles when there isn’t a blackout?
1/11/04 How do you waste your time?
1/10/04 When was the last time you built a snowman?
1/9/04 What’s the longest you’ve dated someone you weren’t in love with?
1/8/04 What movie have you watched the most?
1/7/04 What’s your theme song?
1/6/04 Are you feeling down and out after the holidays?
1/5/04 Would you rather lose electricity or heat?
1/4/04 What is your favorite ethnic cuisine?
1/3/04 What do you doodle?
1/2/04 What do you want to accomplish in 2004?
1/1/04 How did you ring in the New Year?

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