October 20, 2001    





Do you have a temper? If yes, what do you do to calm yourself down?

In the car...yup...cussing people out, with the windows all the way up so nobody can hea me... who do things that irritate me on the road...relaxes me...it's very therapeutic. Otherwise, if I have a temper, I do not express it outwardly. If anything, I completely clam up...which makes people wonder what (if anything) is bugging me. I am just not a guy that likes talking about stuff like that.

age unknown, parts unknown

Not much of one, but when it does flare, I go off by myself for a while.

Jane, 62
West Linn
, OR   USA

The only way my temper flares up is if I allow things to boil up inside of me so therefore when I have something to say I say it and have a lot less stress and no temmper flare ups.

Marci, 56
, OH   USA

No. I don't have a temper. Never have.

Felicia, 35
, MA   USA

Regrettably, yes. Sometimes I get so irritable I want to squash all humans like bugs. To calm down? Retreat!

Firelady, 23
, TX   USA

I really do not have a temper or go off and explode over things.

Janet, 44
E. Brunswick

not really but every once in a while i get really mad. but i still get really mad when i dont get my way, i dont know why, maybe cuz im an only child and im used to it. usually im pretty easygoing though.

Karen2, 15
, MA   USA

I think everyone has a temper, so yes, I do have one. I don't tend to act physically upon it though. Yelling so only I can hear (in my car) or mumbling under my breath. To calm down I separate myself from the situation that made my temper flare and a few deep breaths can never hurt!

Tracy, 24
Ocean City

No, I don't really have a temper. When I do get angry, I respond in one of two ways. Either I burst out with something sharp and critical and I usually apologize shortly after or I get icy, cold and sulk for a long time   until the issue is resolved.

Laura, 36

Yes, and I usually calm down by crying.

Jaden, 21
Brampton, Ontario  CANADA

Well..it takes a lot to piss me off, but once I'm pissed, it's pretty much like...back the fuck off. I usually go driving or do something that requires a lot of energy to calm down.

Angela, 18
Bella Vista

I do. . .I mostly reason with myself.

Karen, 22

I press the base of my fingers of my right hand on my right knee cap and remind myself that the offender is probably not worthy of execution.

Jill, 60

No, not really. I seem to have the tendency to bottle things up.. if I need to calm down I listen to some "angry" music.

Dianne, 17
Ontario  CANADA

sometimes. I just sit there or read and sometimes watch a funny movie like The Wedding Singer.


I think we've had this question before, but for the sake of answering....I have a bit of a temper but long ago, learned to control it. When I'm starting to feel it let loose, I usually hop in the truck and take a long, leisurely drive with no destination in mind. Driving soothes me (except in city

Fisch, 46
, CT   USA

Yes I have a temper and I hate it. It used to be a lot harder to control but I've learned. The hardest thing is that I have to make sure I get a few minutes alone to think about what made me angry and sometimes it's difficult to get that alone time. For some reason it really sets me off if someone is trying to help me by asking "what's wrong" and all that. It's a terrible trait.

Ry, 23

Yes, a pretty bad one sometimes. I usually feel better after I flip out on someone, though...just kidding. I don't know what I do. Just try to chill.

Jennifer, 19

I can be very volatile at times, being that my serotonin likes to take unexcused vacations. I take a pill to correct this, but before, boy, there was no way you could stop me until I was ready. Now, I take a deep breath and try not to think about it. Of course, sometimes you just wanna be MAD. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as you don't let it get the better of you.

Kristin, 20

Yes, I'm sorry to say I do have a temper. When I feel  myself losing it I get away from the situation (walk away and go into the next room)as quickly as possible or I might say/do something I'll regret.

Reba, 50+
Silver Spring
, MD   USA

Yes. and I'm starting to think I enjoy losing it. I don't usually make any effort to calm myself down, I just wait.

Johanna, 18

Well, it takes a lot to get me going, but when I am upset, it is generally nothing that drugs can't handle. (nicotine, alcohol, etc.)

Aaron, 22

I have a terrible temper that flares up at innoportune moments. I don't really do anything to calm down, either I just do or I don't and I stay pissed.

Talia, 24
, CT   USA

I'm pretty laid back about most things but if I do get angry I confront the person that I'm angry with and work it out.

Celeste, 30
Colorado Springs
, CO   USA

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