November 21, 2001    





When is suicide ok?

Never. I'm not even sure if one has a terminal illness that that justifies taking you own life or asking someone to assist you.

Felicia, 35
, MA   USA

Suicide is an individual decision. I would kill myself when life has lost all interest for me and I am only a burden to others. I would make sure that my survivors understood my reasoning--if they did not understand, I would not commit suicide.

Jill, 60

Never. Never. Never. Never. Never.

Laura, 36
, MA   USA

This is where I'm supposed to say "never," right?
I'm not going to.
I'm not saying suicide is good, but it's something people should have the choice to do, like abortion.  Only the person who's under certain circumstances can truly understand the situation those circumstances bring about, so only that person can decide what the correct form of action is.

Karen, 22
, IA   USA

That's a personal matter.

Alias Irrelevante

I can't answer for everyone, but for me, suicide is okay when a person is in the terminal stage of life and knows that the quality of his or her life can only continue to deteriorate. If the person's affairs are in order and there is nobody dependent upon him or her, then I believe in allowing the choice to avoid a lengthy, painful death.

I consider suicide totally unacceptable when a person is the parent of young children. When I was about ten, the mother of a close friend killed herself, and it did permanent harm to her son and daughter.

Jane, 62
West Linn
, OR   USA

Since when was suicide ever ok?

Firelady, 23
, TX    USA

I don't know that it ever's a good waste of life. But, I suppose if a person is so senile they don't know what's what anymore...then it might be justified.

Angela, 18
Bella Vista
, AR   USA

Wow. I really don't think it's ever okay. Unless the person is termenally ill and it's only a matter of time before they die by natural means. I think is a persona wishes to die with dignity with a doctor assisted suicide, it's alright. Otherwards it's a coward's act.

Jaden, 21
Brampton, Ontario  CANADA

Suicide is never ok. It is God's choice to take your life. He brought you into this word, it's his job to take you out.

Stephanie, 25

Suicide is never ok

Russell, 36
, NC   USA

Suicide is never Ok. It is against the Bible and against my beliefs. I cannot imagine a persons mind and what it must go through to come to the point to take the life of oneself. And I have known people that took their lives but it is a permanent answer to a tempory situation. Death is  forever.

Marci, 56
, OH    USA

never. there is always a better solution.

Maggie, 22
, IL    USA

After careful psychological profiling and analysis of a terminally ill person who is completely at peace with his or her own decision to have it carried out in a dignified manner. Suicide is always a touchy subject, and I am basing my entire response to this question on my belief that it refers to assisted suicide, and not just "oh I'm so pissed off at the world and myself" stuff, which, to me, has no place in any society.

Fisch, 46
, CT   USA

Only in the face of painful terminal illness, and then only assisted by a trained professional. If it is guaranteed that an individual will die before a cure for their illness can be found, if there all alternative options have been exhausted, and if their suffering will be very severe for the rest of their life - then assisted suicide is acceptable. It's financially prudent, and while it's a difficult decision it will ease not only the patient's suffering but the additional pressure put on loved ones who would have to care for the dying person. Suicide because of depression is NOT okay. In 100% of cases, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Medication can help, therapy can help, and it will not last forever. I have depression and I've even been suicidal myself, but aside from not having the guts to do it, I know it won't solve anything. There's too many reasons to keep living even when life sucks. And if nothing else, the impact on friends, family, co-workers, and loved ones would be too great.  Even if they feel completely isolated, nobody is so totally alone that their death would go unnoticed.

etoile, 20

If you are terminally ill, no chance of recovery and are suffering horribly.

Talia, 24
, CT   USA

Well, is it ever ok? I would like to say that suicide is ok when it is chosen consciously by a terminally-ill patient, but that would be the easy answer. Does someone deserve the right to decide to die when they have already given up hope? You would have to give up hope in order to pick death. On the other hand, I oppose using life support in a lot of situations. I guess, all in all, I think you should die when it is your time and it should not be delayed or rushed by any machine.

Aaron, 22


Jennifer, 19

This question assumes that suicide is ok...only if, one has a terminal illness, with no possible hope whatsoever, and are in too much pain, should a doctor be alllowed to do the physician-assisted suicide. With that 1 exception, it is not okay...there are other solutions...after all, if Kurt Cobian has realized that there were better solutions, Nirvina would still be making awesome albums...and if Ernest Heminingway hadn't commited suicide, one of the greatest authors ever would still be writing classic literature.

age unknown, parts unknown

Personally, I don't feel there ever is a time that it is ok.

Ryan, 28
Riedlingen  GERMANY

Uuuh, that would have to be....NEVER.

Ry, 23

suicide is never o.k.

stickman, 27

It hink if u are terminally ill then it is okay. I would rather be prepearred and know how i am going out then suffer and possibly not say my goodbyes.

Nicole2, 20

Never! It is against God's Law and is the only unforgiveable sin.

Melodi, 19
, OH   USA

When death is coming anyway and the victim is in untreatable pain.

Jonathan, 19
, NC   USA

In the form of euthanasia, suicide is ok. When death is imminent and inevitably painful, it's ok to end life on your own terms. I think it would be problematic to say that all other times suicide is bad, though. I can think of many other legitimate reasons to commit suicide. I don't wish to encourage anyone to kill themselves, though. I'm not sure I consider it to be a moral issue, either. I think it is just a matter of understanding that life really is worth it, and sometimes a matter of selflessness when others would be affected.

Eric, 19
Beverly Hills

For most of my life I thought that suicide was NEVER justified, that we should all "endure to the end." But then about 10 years ago, I fractured my leg in three places and at times the pain was so intense that all I could do was scream. I don't think I realized that pain could be that bad. When I had my foot surgery three weeks ago, my doctor gave me some pain pills. But I guess I wanted to show how 'strong' I was so I didn't take them. I hurt pretty bad for awhile there but not the intense pain I had known earlier. Still, I didn't feel like doing anything, couldn't concentrate on anything but the pain. I was constantly in a blue funk and skies were always cloudy. Now I'm OK but I look back on that time and wonder about the people I read about who are ALWAYS in pain and wonder about suicide. When Jesus talked about enduring, was he talking about this? So I guess my answer to this question is - I'm not sure.

Reba, 50+
Silver Spring, MD  USA

Never! Embrace life, and live to the fullest extent! Become a pop star, ora writer, or acheerleader. WHatever you want to be! Just live!


It's not ok ever.

Celeste, 30
Colorado Springs

it's not


When God deems it OK

Janet, 44
E. Brunswick

. . . probably never(if we're talking about "suicide" in the sorta "classic" sense(where some depressed yabbo walks into the ocean or puts a rifle to their foreheads))

mothmc, 37
Los Angeles

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