November 14, 2001    





Overall, how satisfied are you with yourself (and your life)?

I am sure there is something more I could be doing, but for now I am happy!

Tracy, 24
Ocean City

I am really happy and content with my life. It's great!!!

Janet, 44
E. Brunswick

Since I have only one life--and one personality--I try to balance contentment with self-improvement.

Jill, 60

I would say at this moment I am not very satisfied. However, it's a phase and I soon be through it.

Felicia, 35
, MA   USA

Overall, until I get to Alaska, I am totally unsatisfied in my life. Fortunately, the people I work with totally reek for awesomeness. Unfortunately, the actual job totally reeks of heinosity...meh

Themistocles, 30


Alias Irrelevante

It's pretty cool right now. . .two thumbs up. I'm hoping I'll be less grumpy toward the people who love me, though, once I get out of school.

Karen, 22


Jane, 62
West Linn
, OR   USA

I am OK with my life now, but I wish I would have started college when I first got out of high school. I waited 3 years; I could have been working in my desired field right now, because I don't particularly like my current job. Otherwise, I am happy. My family is wonderful; I still live at home with my mother, stepfather, sister, and grandmother. Of course, it can be chaotic at times, but whose life isn't? I'm sure even Mother Teresa got stressed out once in a while!

Melodi, 19
, OH   USA

What else could I possibly ask for? I have a wonderful fiance who cares for me more than imaginable, I have a very sinecure job that pays well with benefits, I have food in my fridge and gas in my car. My health is great, and my friends and family are well. Life is great.

Stephanie, 25

I'm fairly satisfied with my life; less satisfied with myself.

Johanna, 18

Right now at this point i am extremely unsatisfied with my life. What happens when you wake up and realize you are 20 and you have the life of a 12 year old. I am living with my parents (again) I dont have a car, I only have my GED and my boyfriend doesnt make any money so i have to pay his way if i ever want to go out with him.....I need to make some....QUICK

Nicole2, 20

I'd say about 80%

Ryan, 28
Riedlingen  GERMANY

i'm fairly happy with my life...if i wasn't still in high school it would be a LOT better...high school sucks...

Mandi, 17
Lake City
, MN   USA

Overall, very satisfied. There will probably always be minor aspects I would like to see change for the better, but overall happy with the adult I've become and with the lifestyle I live.

Fisch, 46
, CT   USA

Not at all satisfied. I just dropped out of college so that I can work full-time at a job I know I will come to really hate, and I tell myself I am going back to school next year, but in the back of my mind, I know I most likely won't going back...which means I will be stuck in a dead end job for the rest of my life, just like my parents, which is what I wanted to avoid by going to college in the first place. But I can't whine, since I've done this all to myself.

Jennifer, 19

I hate everything. Life sucks.

Talia, 24
, CT   USA

On scale of one to ten, i'd say about 7 and a half.

Dianne, 17
Ontario  CANADA

I am extremely satisfied with myself and my life. I like to think of myself as one who beat the odds. I was married and a father at the age of 18. I'm now 22 years old, with a wonderful 4 year old daughter, and a beautiful wife of 4 years. I just purchased my first house. Both of our vehicles are paid off. And we're thinking about adding a poodle to the family. I think it is working out pretty well so far.

Aaron, 22

Right now I'd say I'm at a 6 or 7 out of 10 on the life satisfication scale. Normally I'm at an 8 or 9.

Felicia, 35
, MA   USA

I'd have to say on a scale of 1-10, it's probably an 8.5. I'm pretty happy with most everything in my life right now...granted a few things could be better, but that seems to always be the case.

Angela, 18
Bella Vista

absolutely and completely happy! I love life, that's for sure. Try to enjoy yourself!


I am totally and completely satisfied with my life and the person that I am.

Laura, 36

not quite satisfied. wish I was extremely satisfied, but I'm not.


I am entirely satisfied with my life. It wouldn't be a good life for everyone but as Willie Nelson says, "It's my life", and it's perfect for me.

Reba, 50+
Silver Spring

Not really. I tend to get quite depressed about it, actually.

Jonathan, 19
, NC   USA

I'm satisfied. I have most everything I want or need. I feel good about myself and know that I will continue to improve myself and my life as new challenges come up.

Celeste, 30
Colorado Springs

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