May 23, 2001    





How would having no Internet access impact your daily routine?

It wouldn't have a huge effect, but I would definitely be really bored half the time... I get at least 12 e-mails a day, plus chatting with my friends...

Jeremy, 14
Highlands Ranch
, CO   USA

<gasp>  that would be pretty bad. no e-mail. no chat nor abuzz ... come to think of it ... email and surfing are forever but i guess the rest has been pretty much connected to a certain - episode - element in life - <nods> - yeh.. i've been having to move out of all that already, anyway. <sad>.

no-itsme, 29

Well, for one thing, I'd barely get to talk to my best friend. So that would suck. I wouldn't be able to buy stuff (like plane tickets and gifts) online; I wouldn't be able to check my school status so easily. . .I guess I'd be on the phone more and driving around more as well.

Karen, 21

How would not having internet access impact my daily life?  For one thing I wouldn't have a job. Secondly, on a more personal level, I honestly think I would feel like a lost soul - similar to how one feels when their car is in the shop for a few days.

Fisch, 45

Not having internet access at work would be a big problem since I use email for at least half of my communicating.  Not having internet access at home would be irritating, but I'd get by.

Laura, 36

As I am the webmaster at a school it would mean I am out of a job.  That or I'd have to get really creative. But I guess, if my coworkers didn't have Internet access, they wouldn't know I was slacking off on my duties.


First of all, it would drive me nuts. I get everything offline. I communicate via email and real time chat with folx I can't call without making myself poor. I play games for relaxation. I get information about things to do, keep up with tech info, buy stuff, track my bank account, use it for a phone book, order my food here............geez. I would have to become a paper and phone hog and that's just messy.

Firelady, 23

buisness class would really suck!


I would have to go to the library more, and talk to people more than I do in order to get information. It wouln't really mess things up at all, exept it would stop me communicating with friends that live a wayaway, mainly I use it when I am bored and that isn't too often.


It would be annoying, really annoying, and extremely disruptive seeing as I am a web design student. Access to the internet is sort of important for me here.

Maggie, 20
, IL   USA would I get all my spam? Actually a strong percentage of my communications is done through e-mail and I also use it for the bulk of my research but telephone tag and a visit to the library wouldn't kill me.

Alias Irrelevante

not much...we used to live without it right?!?!

Tracy, 24
Ocean City
, NJ   USA

It would be a very boring day. I work out of my home and don't have that much to do.

Cathy, 26

I think it would probably bother me only for a day. After all, I got > along all these years without it, didn't I? The only thing I'd miss would > be 2000days.

Reba, 51
, MD   USA

It would drive me mad. I rely heavily on the Internet for work, communications with friends, and certain business transactions. It may happen to me, as my ISP has filed for bankruptcy and will be ceasing to provide the service at the end of the month. My townhouse complex claims to be putting a replacement in place, but I've not yet received the details.

Jane, 60
West Linn
, OR   USA

We were without internet access for several days this winter and it was a disaster. The internet is how we keep in touch with friends and family. It is where we find entertainment. We are frequently using it to do research for work, family, and fun. Without the internet we are stagnated.


No internet access? Man, that would suck! Well I would probably get a lot more homework done, because I'd be bored, and I'd go a little nuts because I wouldn't get to check my mail!

Dianne, 16
Oshawa, Ontario  CANADA

I would never be able to do a research paper without the internet. I wouldn't have contact with friends who don't live in my area, and I wouldn't get to download a new webshots photo. It would be a sad day indeed.

Eric, 19
Beverly Hills
, CA   USA

I'd have a hell of a lot more free time, that's for sure. I'd probably get more revision done as well. I do enough, but this damn internet distracts me. I curse they day I got it.

Shanna, 16
Cardiff  ENGLAND

It wouldn't have a huge effect, but I would definitely be really bored half the time... I get at least 12 e-mails a day, plus chatting with my friends...

Jeremy, 14
Highlands Ranch
, CO   USA

I would have a lot of extra time on my hands. I may concentrate a bit more on my IRL work, but I wouldn't have that same sparkle in my eyes, that good ol pep in my step, if I didn't get to start my day off talking to my online pals.

Tiny, 21
, TX   USA

It wouldnt bother me too much during the school year because I usually have better things to do than go online, but it would get to me in the summer cuz thats when I'm bored and have nothing else to do.

Karen2, 15
, MA   USA

For one i'd have to find a new job because my job would have gone out of business!! Then, id be very lonely because I would not get to talk to any of my friends. i'd be very, very bored. I would probably watch a lot more TV.

Talia, 23
, CT   USA


Melodi, 19
, OH   USA

It's not necessary to my life, but a definate plus to have-especially in keeping in touch with my boyfriend (we are trying to do the long distance thing since I moved back to Arkansas from SC to live with my parents). So, basically not having net access would just be a pain in the butt...but I'd survive.

Angela, 16
Bella Vista

I'd have to come up with other things to do, certainly (especially while at work!). I've been online for more than ten years now and it would feel really strange to suddenly have that connection disappear. I was pleased to find when I visited Turkey that I handled three weeks without Internet access just fine (Turkey has plenty of Internet cafes, but I didn't have time to visit any). Unfortunately I had a few hundred e-mails in my inbox when I returned, but I didn't miss the Internet while I was gone - I was too busy enjoying my tour. I think my not minding is related to the length of the trip - I knew I'd get back to it in three weeks. If it didn't exist at all anymore, that's when I would be bothered.

etoile, 20

My boyfriend and I write back and forth to each other all day at work. I have a rather boring job so I surf all day. I don't know what I would do here if I had no internet or tv. (I have tv as well) However, I guess I could resort to the dinosaur telephone for contact.

Stephanie, 25

Email is a major communication form for me. This site wouldn't exist. I miss looking up topics of interest at a whim. Other than that worse things could happen.

Felicia, 35
, MA   USA

I'd be doing a lot more reading and my long distance telephone bills would probably rise.

Jill, 60

It would be TERRIBLE! I'm in an online-relationship with a very wonderful girl living in Germany, but due to her family and my financial situation, there's no way we can meet in the next time... we didn't meet so far (in May: 9 months) and probably won't meet before July 2002, but we chat every day, sometimes as long as 16 hours in a row - yes, sixteen... she's so wonderful, and without chatting, I'd probably die.

Holger, 21

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