March 22, 2001    





Are you planning to take a vacation this year. If so, where?

51 weeks on, one week off? A (singular) vacation? No wonder people are stressed. No major travels in the plans as of press time but I always get away.

Alias Irrelevante

Um, sort of. I'm going to New Mexico for a class and then, later, I'm going to Colorado for a week or so. So only a week out of my three months will technically be vacation, but New Mexico should be good, at least.

Karen, 21

I have no vacation planned, but travel books are a useful substitute--as is fantasy and other fiction.

Jill, 60

Maybe a few days to get away down the shore or to visit friends in Cape May. But nothing big and nothing preplanned.

Janet, 42
E. Brunswick

Yes. A friend is getting married in July so we are going to visit family and friends when we go down for the wedding. We'll spend time in NYC, the Jersey shore, the Poconos and possibly Baltimore.

Laura, 36
, MA   USA

not really. . I plan on going to San Diego in June to hook up with a friend for a few days, and that's sorta a vacation, but it ain't quite Tahiti or Club Med or a cruise on a luxury liner. . .hopefully one day I'll actually know that these things aren't really my cup of tea, for now I barely even have a cup. . ..

mothmc, 36
Los Angeles

None at the moment.

Felicia, 35
, MA   USA

I am taking 12 million vacations this year. ----Couple of weeks ago went to Tybee Island of the Savannah, GA  coast  This weekend going to Chicago. In August my friends and I are going to Las Vegas or New Orleans and I will have a few more trips to Chicago by then.

Anjel, 19

Yes, hopefully to somewhere in the far East. Not sure where yet, though.

Shanna, 15
Cardiff  ENGLAND

Yes I am. I do not know where, I just know that I need a vacation! I will probably take my son up to Door County, WI with my family for a couple of days. Then before the year is through, hopefully I will be able to take a big girl vacation of my own, go stay in Chicago for a weekend or something. Nothing glamorous, but i cannot bitch because I went to London less than a year ago.

Maggie, 20
, IL    USA

Funny you should ask...I leave today for this year's vacation. My girlfriend and I will be spending the next three weeks traveling throughout Turkey. I've never been overseas before, I had to apply for a passport for this trip. My only time outside the U.S. was two weeks in Quebec, and I speak French so I've never been somewhere I don't speak the language. The furthest I've been from home is San Francisco. This is definitely going to be a new experience!

etoile, 20

Thanks to a question on this website (11/24), I decided to publish my family history, going back to our first ancestor in this country in the late 1600s. This summer I plan to spend my short vacation in a town in downstate New York where my family originated, doing some research for my book.  My husband and I have rented a cabin in the foothills of the Catskills for those three nights and plan on doing some bird-watching and kayaking when not at the library.

Reba, 51
, MD   USA

My honeymoon...St. Vincent's and the Grenedines (Young Island).

Tracy, 24
Ocean City

Yes, we're going to Maine for 2 weeks this summer. It's a tradition for my husband's family to rent a huge cottage on the beach. I've only been once before, and I wasn't that excited about the trip beforehand. It turned out to be one of the coolest, most beautiful and relaxing places I've ever been to. I can't wait to go this year with our baby!

Susan, 32
, IL   USA

no vacation this year... too much debt.

Steve, 29
Lake Worth

No vacation :(

Melodi, 19
, OH    USA

I don't know. I dont think i can really afford to. The bills are mounting  and my car insurance payment is coming up.. i dont think im managing to save any money at all. The insurance is like 1400 for 6 months thats a huge chunk out of my savings account :(

Talia, 23
, CT   USA

I am going on my honeymoon in August. We haven't decided where we are going get.

Cathy, 26
, ND   USA

For spring break this year, I'm going with about 15 people to Myrtle Beach (South Carolina). We'll be staying in condos on the beach.

Katie2, 18
, MI   USA

Nothing major. My mom wants to take me and my sister to Solvang (a little Scandinavian town on California's coast) this summer. And we might drive up to Lake Isabella also.

Kevin M.

I am going down to New Mexico during the summer for a family vacation on my dad's side, and then I might be going to Laguna Beach in Cali (my favorite vacation spot).

Jeremy, 13
Highlands Ranch

I'd love to, but I can't afford it.

Jaden, 21
Brampton, Ontario CANADA

I'm going to Victoria, Vancouver and Banff/Lake Louise in July.

Jane, 60
West Linn
, OR   USA

Nope, no vacations for me. I've been unemployed for quite some time now. I recently had to borrow money from my parents just to pay rent. It was tremondously embarrassing, as I've been completely independent since I was 18! However, I am more than likely moving to Japan later this year, but this will be a work-related move, and definitely NOT a vacation. Not that I won't enjoy myself more than likely, but it just don't qualify.

Scott M., 33
, WA   USA

Yup:  I am going to SF, CA in October, for a week or so. Have relatives in CA, and going to see all sorts of stuff.

Mick, 30
, IL   USA

yeh buddy. going on a road trip w/ my best friend to California! It's gonna be the greatest!

Angela, 16
, SC    USA

Vacation? What's that?

Firelady, 23
, TX    USA

Yes I plan on going to Tennessee to a family reunion in May and then in September or October we plan on going to Florida or South Carolina as I love the Ocean

Marci, 55
, OH   USA

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