June 21, 2001    





How do you feel about children skipping grades at school?

If a child is so bright that she can skip a grade, she probably isn't fitting in with her peers anyway, so let her skip the grade and at least be interested in the work going on around her.

Laura, 36
, MA   USA

I wanted to do that so badly when I was a kid. If my school had had the facilities I would have. Now I don't really think about it much. Things work out the way they work out. But if I had kids and they wanted to skip and could, I'd absolutely let them. My friend Mike actually skipped two grades.

Karen, 21

I think it's a good idea if the children actually have intelligence, but I don't think it should be done out of favortism

Melodi, 19
, OH    USA

It's bad to be bored because you're not being challenged - but on the other hand - especially highly intelligent kids are often slower in - social- emotional development, I think, in terms of growing up - and being moved beyond their age group might make them lonely. I don't know. As long as the decision's not about the ambitions of the parents ...

no-itsme, 29

It really depends. Skipping one grade. Probably. 2 or 3? If the child is as emotionally developed as mentally developed I would say sure.

Then again, I remember for the longest time being the smartest kid in my class in elementary school and I was hassled and taunted a lot. I would have preferred to be tracked with other kids at my level or have a few more kids where I was at in my class.

Felicia, 35
, MA   USA

Once again, a question that hits me close to home! I skipped the 12th grade, graduated early and started my freshman year of college at 16 years old. I think that allowing children to skip a grade is fine if they have reached the maturity level of the grade they are about to enter. Most of the problems encountered when skipping a grade come from the child not being socially adept or mature enough to handle the grade they are going into. Especially in my case, had I not always been mature for my age, I would have had a very hard time adapting. Luckily, I had lots of support and I am able to make friends easily-and I felt I was ready for that step. It was a good choice for me-rather than waste a year in high school, I am already done with the first year of what will prepare me for the rest of my life. As for any other child skipping a grade-I feel that that is just something that would be up to the parent to decide.

Angela, 16
Bella Vista

more power to them but they need to understand very clearly that it won't always be that easy

Firelady, 23
, TX   USA

If the child is smart enough I think they should although consideration of their emotional age should be taken into account.   when I was in Prep I was considered to be moved upto Second Grade due to my reading and math skills, my mother choose instead to keep me where I was as she though I did not have the emotional strength to deal with it. I think she made the right choice. But there are children out there whose emotional well being could be damaged if they stay back.

I think it should be a decision whereby the parents, teacher and child all work out what is best.

Allie Cat

I think that it's a good thing because just because everyone isn't as smart as you doesn't mean they should be held back. They should be given the choice.

Dianne, 16
Ontario  CANADA

I skipped my senior year of high school and started college early. As my high school offered little in the way of honors or advanced placement courses, it got me out of a situation where I was totally bored and was probably the best available option to me. In general, however, I think skipping grades should be a last resort, and I chose with my own kids to put them in enriched classes instead.

Jane, 60
West Linn
, OR   USA

I skipped first grade ten years ago and I can say that it has had its ups and downs, I am glad that I'm graduating next year and not in another year.

Bend, OR  USA

Skipping grades is not ideal, but in many cases moving a child ahead is the only way to keep that child from being bored. Both of my sons "skipped" grades and were none the worse for the experience. I "skipped" two grades myself.

Jill, 60

I'm not a real big fan of the school system to begin with, if they can get out early with a diploma good for them.

Alias Irrelevante

I'm pretty much fine with it. I didn't skip any grades in school, but I started first grade when I was four years old (most kids in the U.S. are six years old) and while I had some social problems when I was younger I did graduate and go to college as a (mostly) happy healthy teenager. I'm not sure what it would be like to *skip* grades, though.

etoile, 20

It's good to excel.

Jami, 27
, MA   USA

what's wrong w/ it??

Mandi, 16
Lake City
, MN   USA

As long as its only one grade, its cool; any more than that might have some social consequences on the child. And if the child really wants to/is ready to do it. If they don't want to leave their friends behind to skip a grade they shouldnt have to; social stuff is very important to a child's life.

Talia, 23
, CT   USA

I think it's good as far as education and challenging the child but as far as social development with children their age, if it's not crucial that they go to another grade, it shouldn't risk that social learning as well.

Stephanie, 25

It should not solely depend on their intelligence unless they were an absolute genius and in that case keeping them in the correct grade could stunt their mental growth. Looking at an above average intelligent child  though requires looking at age and social skills as well. Too many times they are pushed ahead and not ready socially at all. They may advance in academics, but you'll see that they have no friends and hardly any acquaintances. This can and will damage some children forever.  Being mindful of that however, if they are ready, then yes I think it's ok to skip

Tracy, 24
Ocean City

I think it's ok, as long as they are prepared to deal with kids older than them and to take on the more hard work.

Karen2, 15
, MA   USA

I think that there must be a valid reason for the kid to skip a grade. I doubt very much that the authorities would move a child ahead a year to make his or her life difficult. So I have no problem with it.

Shanna, 16
Cardiff  ENGLAND

Well, it's hard to make a sweeping statement about an issue that obviously is different for each kid. All I have to say is that social life should be a factor in making these kinds of decisions, not just whether or not the kid is smart enough.

Eric, 19
Beverly Hills

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