July 14, 2001    





What is your most prized posession?

My favorite things aren't necessarily things I OWN.   Maybe my grandpa's watch. I don't know.

Karen, 21

My integrity.

Jill, 60

At this point, I would have to say the disk with all my writings on it. I wrote over 50 pages of essays and poetry and those represent the few times I could actually put my thoughts into coherent words. So, that would be the one thing I truly treasure most.

Angela, 16
Bella Vista

My soul.

Felicia, 35
, MA   USA

I really couldn't say, I'm such a materialistic person, there would be too many things on my list. Today I bought this really cool lantern which projects images onto the walls, so I guess I might say that is my current prized possession.

Gavin, 16

I suppose I'll say my cd collection--I've been collecting them since I was 11--do the math. almost 8 years, about 300 cds. Superficial things to prize, I know, but I am sort of constantly living in some song or the other. My whole life is scripted and each memory I have holds some song  from my collection in the background. This is not just music, this is, to use the old  and terrible cliche, the soundtrack to my life.

Johanna, 18

Hmmm. My memories. Is that too chessy? Then it's my favorite movies or a snowglobe from Texas.


Good question. Probably my writings. My photos. My Jewelry, my car.   People and pets can't really be considered a possession I hope.

Fisch, 45

Hmmm... well i would never want to lose the ring my parents got me for my 16th birthday... or the necklace i got for christmas because i know they are really expensive (and i have a tendency to lose jewelery lol) but as far as more sentimental things, I would say my Diary because there is soooo much stuff written down in there and if i ever lost it or even worse someone else got their hands or it (!!) I would flip out!

Dianne, 16
Ontario  CANADA

My most prized possesion is my stuffed bear that I have had since I was 2. My grandparents gave it to me. It is red and when I was that little the bear to me was huge so I called it Big Bear. I have had it ever since and keep it in my room.

Heather, 15

Well, it's not a material possesion, but I would have to say my job. I never thought I would find a career and it turns out that I did and now I'm working successfully. It was a load off my mind when I finally fell in love with a career choice. A material possesion of mine would have to be my journals.

Ry, 23

My most prized possession, although I do not like the term "possesion", are certainly my animals...in particularly the Legendary Big Guy Sarge, Axl Waxl...and Lars man...actually, I love all the animals that have graced my life...but I digress...

Certainly, any "novels" I have written, albeit unpublished, are highly valued possesions of mine...and, of course, my collection of books are highly valuable...in every sense of the words...well, that stuff is my bag...

age unknown, parts unknown

My most prized posession is a necklace with a cross on it. I wear it to remember someone very special to me who has died recently. I never take it off. Every time I look at it, I am reminded of him.

Jennifer, 19

I guess I would have to say my most prized possession is my pictures. There are so many of loved ones that have passed on and of great times with family and friends. I love going over them and bringing back tthe memories.

Marci, 56
, OH   USA

probably my computer!

Melodi, 19
, OH   USA

I answer that question the way my grandmother taught me. She always would say "If there was a fire...".   Well, if there was a fire, I would grab my son, yell for my husband and call the dog. If I had to go through flames to get any of them I would - and yes I include the dog in this. For an actual possession, well I would save the computer if there was time - the CPU would be enough - but more if I could - because it is our lifeline to the world and holds all my work.  But, only if there was time. I would not go through flames for it so it is a distant second.


my car

Firelady, 23
, TX   USA

Well, I guess I'd have to say my body and my health. Though sometimes you'd never know it. That's what I like about this website. The questions often "wake me up" when I hear myself saying something out loud. When the question was asked about how we could become famous, I answered saying that I could write a book about my ancestors. And I DID!

Reba, 51
, MD   USA

Probably my 17-year-old teddy bear :)

Talia, 23
, CT   USA

I would say my kitties. I am honored to have the ability to care for two other of god's creatures and I care for them more than anything.

Stephanie, 25

I have a few famous autographs that I'm quite proud of. I don't really own anything worth noting, to be honest.

Shanna, 16
Cardiff  ENGLAND

As far as tangible things that I had to acquire go, I'd have to say my car. Without her, so much else would be lost.

Firelady, 23
, TX   USA

Pictures...besides human and pet lives, it's the first thing I'd take if there was a fire!

Tracy, 24
Ocean City

My heart and my body.

Anjel, 20

My faith in God. The love of my husband.

Laura, 36
, MA   USA

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