July 6, 2001    





What do you think the future will be like?

Innovations will continue, every generation will say the one after it is going to destroy civilization, and life will be pretty much the same.

Jane, 60
West Linn
, OR   USA

Not too good, considering humanity's tendency to screw everything up.

Talia, 23
, CT   USA

How long into the future? like another milenium? I don't know, we'll be a lot more advanced as far as technology, but it all depends on a lot of circumstances... there would be a lot of cures for certain diseases, but new ones will develop probably. Still the human lifespan will probably get longer. Really, I have no idea what the future will be like, and I haven't given it too much thought. For the most part I live in the present, except when thinking about my own personal future. I have that pretty much planned out!

Dianne, 16
Ontario  CANADA

Pretty much the way things are now but much more high-tech. People will always find something to complain about, something to be miserable about and something to be thrilled about. Lots of new inventions...lots of new scandals...ugly new fashions, great new fashions. It's my guess that someone back in the 30s and someone else back in the 50s or 60s answered this very  question much the same way ... but not on a computer!

Fisch, 45
, CT   USA

A lot like the present only more dangerous, less optimistic, and more technologically advanced.

Angela, 16
Bella Vista

on a day to day level, probably not much different than today. On a larger level, probably less nature, more stuff, and ever inch of the visual world plastered with advertising.

Felicia, 35
, MA   USA

The Future is only what you make it.

Allie Cat

Kind of a broad question: Sometime far into the future I predict that time machines will be readily available to anybody. I expect that there will be wars, famines, and overpopulations. I expect that aliens will be discovered on other planets. Sometime in the future Guns N Roses will put out a new album. Somebody in the future filing will become obsolete (consequently, so will I). Most importantly, somebody in the future I will get a real job. Of course, it goes without saying, but somebody in the future I will croak.

age unknown, parts unknown

I definitely don't think it will be like The Jetsons, with flying space cars and stuff--though that would be cool--I think we're going to screw ourselves over in the next 20 or 30 years and the people that survive will live a primitive existence.

Johanna, 18

people will be more than naked on TV and computers will be more technologically inclined, but otherwise the same as today

Melodi, 19
, OH   USA


Jill, 60

I hope it will be better than the present.

Karen, 21

There's only one thing that I know for certain about the future - I'll be older than I am now.

Reba, 51
, MD   USA

Probably a lot like it is now. I don't think there's gonna be any flying cars for a long time.

Jennifer, 19

I hope better than the present.

Eric, 19
Beverly Hills

I hope that it will be filled with love and happiness, But I don't see that happening now... I hope my luck changes.

Brad, 20

I hope it is bright and sunny. I can not stand all those futurist films that are dark, gloomy, the end of the world look. I guess I am just an optimist.

Janet, 42
E. Brunswick

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