January 26, 2001    





Would be willing to go on Temptation island?

How much would they pay me?

Karen, 21

Let's see... if I was that age and I actually had a stable relationship...NO WAY! I mean, sure, it seems like a good time when you get there, but I still don't understand why you would go on some stupid island and risk ruining a good relationship just for a week of fun...

Jeremy, 13
Highlands Ranch

Would I be willing to go ON it? Hell, I wouldn't even be willing to watch it!!!

Susan, 32
, IL   USA

No. I hope I wouldn't have to go to some moronic game show /  reality show to test my commitment to a spouse.

Felicia, 35
, MA   USA

If that is the island in Castaways or something similar, absolutely not.

Jane, 60
West Linn
, OR   USA

I would never subject my boyfriend or husband to that kind of trust issue.  I don't care how loyal guys are when they are w/ their woman, but when they have no idea of their woman is cheating or not, the "temptation" grows.

Stephanie, 25


Alias Irrelevante

Hell no. That game is totally depraved. How low is the American viewer willing to go?? If people weren't willing to watch it, the stupid  game wouldn't even exist. Shame on all of you TV watching sheep...turn off the box!! Your own life is way more interesting than the crap TV dishes out to the public.

Maggie, 20
, IL   USA


Melodi, 19 
, OH   USA

Not in the slightest. The whole idea of the show period revolts me.

Kim, 30
New York
, NY   USA

Of course not.

Jill, 60

I've heard of the show, but i've never seen it so I wouldn't know.

Dianne, 16
Oshawa, Ontario  CANADA

no way. who would want to go somewhere w/someone they loved so others could try and break them up. it's hard enough trying to be in a normal relationship and having the wandering eye, but to have it 24/7, and all those singles' main goal is to split the couples up.

No thank you.

Anjel, 19

Yes and No. Yes, I'd like to go on so I could show that people do remain true to their commitments. No, because it's such a stupid show and I want nothing to do with it.

Laura, 35
, MA    USA

No. That is the stupidest, most repulsive show to be on TV of late, and whats sad is all the "curious" people will turn this utter trash into a hit. Pathetic! I'd rather watch 24 consecutive hours of fishing shows!

Talia, 23
, CT   USA

That is only asking for trouble. Why willingly walk into the serpent's pit?

Janet, 42
E. Brunswick

I don't think so...why ruin a perfectly good relationship with someone you love because of LUST??

Tracy, 24
Ocean City

Um, no.

Jaden, 21
Brampton, Ontario  CANADA

Hell yes.

A-Dog, 18

HELL no. From the very first commercial preview, the very thought of that show makes me want to VOMIT. It is, in my opinion, the WORST idea for a show I have ever seen. Apparently these "couples" that decided to go on this show have no intentions of staying together, and I really think they weren't real couples to begin with. Knowing very well the nature of horny humans, if you love your other half, you are NOT going to take them on a show where they are tempted by attractive, avaliable, sexy beings of the opposite sex, and turn them loose, thinking they are not going to take advantage of the situation. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. And that's what I think about that.

Lisa J., 22

I'm not sure I would be. I don't know if I have the right qualifications,  anyway. I don't really watch the show, but it seems like you have to be dating someone to go, which I am not. Plus it seems you have to be straight, since I haven't noticed any gay characters. Does anyone else find the show completely heterosexist?

Eric, 18
Beverly Hills

Armed with an AK-47 maybe. I think the whole concept of the show is trash. I say let's put the directors, producers, and desperate characters who "participate" out of their misery. Come on folks...it's time to thin the herd and I see this as a perfect opportunity.

Fisch, 45
, CT   USA

No way. Not all things were meant to be tested. The very consideration of going there means you want to be tested. Want some eye candy. I'm not a car or a computer. There will be no consumer reports. Thank you. Drive through.

Firelady, 23
, TX   USA

I've never watched the program so I don't know what they do. So the answer has to be "no".

Alias Irrelevante

i think so. . basically just to fuck with the process and make it impossible for them to air it with me on it. . .

mothmc, 36
Los Angeles

Not really. It just doesn't interest me.

Kevin2, 18
Frazier Park

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