January 25, 2001    





Have you ever been on TV and why?

Yes. I had occasion to be an audience participant at six different Sally Jesse Raphael shows while they were taping in New Haven, CT. It was a blast. I had never been a big fan of "talk TV" but a friend got the tickets and it was so close to home that I couldn't resist. On four of the six shows, I was able to ask a question of the guests, and admitedly, it was cool to see myself on TV when the shows aired, but I really enjoyed watching all the behind the scenes activity as well. It was a real education. On another occasion, I did a local cable commercial for a nightclub nearby. It aired on  MTV about 7 times each day for one month. I loved it. I was the main speaker  in the commercial ... and I played John Dillinger's "Lady in Red." The nickname stayed with me for years. Of course, no one back home got to see this...it was just a local access commercial - you know, one of those cheapo   things...but still, the experience was wonderful!

Fisch, 45
, CT    USA

I was hosting a monthly public access show for about a year and a half which is currently up in the air due to studio availability. I was also interviewed while shoveling my driveway about three years ago during a power-outage/cold weather spell.

Alias Irrelevante

When I was about 10 I was on a Talent Show for kids and I won! I had been taking tap dancing lessons for a few years and did a dance I knew.  I had a great costume, too.

Reba, 51
, MD    USA

Nope , I have never been on tv.

Stephanie, 25

When I was about 5 I was on the Bozo show. My brother's cub scout troop was on and I tagged along. I did the musical chairs and the find your shoes game. I may have been on TV during protests of the Gulf War. Recently I was on cable access talking about my photo work which was on display in the station's gallery space. Other than that, I am on all the TVs in Felicia's building when I go to visit. They have video monitoring, big brother style, in the lobby. We are planning a little cabaret act for the tenants which we hope will eventually go primetime.

Tina, 31
, MA   USA

Twice. Once on a local quiz show -- my team won -- and once to promote a charitable benefit program I was chairing.

Jane, 60
West Linn
, OR   USA


Janet, 42
E. Brunswick

I don't think so.

Karen, 21
, IA   USA

I was once on the ABC news when I went to the ABC fair a while ago, 1994 I think. I was only seven or eight at the time, and I got to speak via satellite to a news reporter in Washington DC. I was told to ask him if he had ever been mugged. I also got to speak to various news presenters who were there at the time.

Gavin, 15

Yes, when the police were chasing me down the highway in my White Ford Bronco. :P Seriously, one day a news crew were filming the front door of my high school for a shot and it cut off just as I walked out the door, so I was on TV for like a fragment of a second :)

Talia, 23
, CT   USA

Not that I remember. If I have been telecast, I would have been a face in a peaceful crowd.

Jill, 60

Yes, for an AIDS walk, an environmental walk, a state competetions(first place!) a writing convention, a scifi convention, a natural disaster, my school, my neighbors(drugs busts) witnessing stuff, sports...etc...etc...etc

Adrianne, 15

yeah! I was on tv just two days ago when i went to the australian open. I was sitting right behind one of the players (who i won't name probably because i'm scared they'll be able to find me lol). Anyway, she was about to serve and i inadvertently laughed very loudly, causing her to fault. She turned around and gave me a huge greasy and mumbled something i suspect were obscenities. And this was all on tv.  Hurray

Natalia, 18
Melbourne   AUSTRALIA

*sigh* abortion is one of those things with n right orwrong answer. i know a woman who had 9 abortions. not exactly fair id say. its people like that that push abortion to be ing illegal. i admit sometimes women amke mistakes that would destroy their life. I am pro-choice. I used to be sincerely pro-life, until i thought i was pregnant(which i beleive i miscarried.) I am only 15 years old, and the situation of conception was not one i would call understandable. I thought alot about aobrtion then, and feel for all those women out there who consider it.

Adrianne, 15

All of my tv appearances have been fleeting and very embarrassing...My friend Mike is a cop in Chicago and he knows the security guards on the the Jerry Springer Show. We got a few friends together and went to a show! We wanted to see if the shows were real! I think they are! It was so pathetic. We had good seats so we got on camara a lot. We didn't even ask when the tape would air. I  think we were all too ashamed of ourselves for going in the first place.I went to the Oprah show last summer. I had lots of people tell me they saw me in the audience! That experience was fun, but not  worth the trouble of having to arrive by 7:30am. I was little grumpy! I took my friend Mike to return the favor for the Jerry experience. This fall my husband and I were in New York. We were staying in midtown, a few blocks from the Today Show. A few minutes before the show was over we ran down, unshowered with baseball hats on, to try to get on tv. We were on, but only my in-laws saw us! It was a Saturday, so unfortunately we didn't get to see Katy, Matt, Al and Ann in person. Well, I think that's it. Once again, I'm not exactly proud of my tv appearances. I'm just a commoner, looking for a few "shits and giggles" to entertain myself in this wonderful life!  My real tv dream would be to be a contestant on "Family Feud" (You think I'm kidding, don't you?!)

Susan, 32
, IL    USA

Once, on some local station for some silly ballet thing.

Sarah S., 17
, NY    USA

Armed with an AK-47 maybe. I think the whole concept of the show is trash. I say let's put the directors, producers, and desperate characters who "participate" out of their misery. Come on folks...it's time to thin the herd and I see this as a perfect opportunity.

Fisch, 45
, CT   USA


Tracy, 24
Ocean City

The bottom half of a sign I was holding was on the TODAY show earlier in January -- I was with a group promoting a photo book. (Would love to elaborate, but don't know if I can...)

Kim, 30
New York
, NY    USA


Firelady, 23
Dallas, TX  USA

Nope... I've never done anything that important, and besides, who'd want to see my ugly mug on the tube? =)

Jeremy, 13
Highlands Ranch


Laura, 35
, MA    USA

Aside from home videos? I don't think so. I've been in the newspaper a few times for karate though.

Dianne, 16
Oshawa, Ontario  CANADA

Once when I went to a P.O.D concert it was covered on the local  news. I was in the crowd and the camera passed over me. The only reason that I even noticed myself was because I had just dyed my hair white (not blonde, white :) I was only on screen for like 2 seconds but I used to have it on tape.



When I was in 9th grade my World History class took a trip to New York City. We happened to get caught up in some on-the-street filming for Late Night With Conan O'Brien, and I became an extra. Then when I was in 11th and 12th grade, I appeared on the television show "It's Academic" for local high school quiz bowl teams. Each year I was on two half-hour shows, winning the first each year and then losing the second. I have all of those appearances on tape - they're quite embarrassing now.

etoile, 20

Yeah, I was on that Ramblin' Rod show.

A-Dog, 18

so i got a new job, it pays better than the telephone survey crap. it's office work, general office lackey stuff. the new events for today is that i just found out that i'm in danger of losing my financial aid. my grades are good all around, mostly a's, some b's, except for this one d that i got last semester in one of my classes for my major (art history). i know i suck at art history more than any other historical studies, tha't s a given. however, the ONLY days i missed in that class were the day the midterm was due, and both days of final exam presentations. i missed these classes because i overslept.i overslept because then, i had poor judgement of my sleeping patterns. the night before each day was spent typing (i'm a slow typer, so even typing this will probably take me the half an hour i needed to kill anyway) so typing 20 pages was a major, major undertaking for me. all the writing was done, the galleries had been visited and i had intelligently and coherently expressed my opinion of the work and related it to other artists well. all i had to do was type. so i chose to do it the night before the stuff was due. each night i ended up going to sleep around 6 or 7 am. the class starts at 9:30a. like a genius, i thought i could sleep for an hour or two, wake up a little sleepy but still wake up, and get to class on time. so i slept through my alarm. i slept until noon, which is when the class is over, each day i missed. i got an a on my midterm anyway, because the professor thought my ideas were great. my day to present the final, i ran across manhattan and got there in the last few minutes of class. i spoke with the teacher afterward and he assured me that unless my final work was pure crap, i would get no less than a c in that class. relieved because i knew my work wasn't crap, my mind rested easy. until now. a friend said that if you get below a c in a major class, you have to take it over. ok, so i'll take art history over. but losing financial aid is a little much, esp. when my parents are breaki ng the bank as it is. i have to go straighten this shit out.

Trisha, 19
New York
, NY    USA

I've never been on TV, but sometimes I think I would like to be on Jenny Jones, or Oprah. That would be fun. I guess I would be taking a risk going on Jenny Jones, because everybody always acts so stupid on that show, and they probably go home and watch themselves and turn red all over with embarrasment. But, Oprah is cool. And I like Maury Povich, too. I'd like to be on Who's Line is it Anyway?. That would be a blast. Now, if I wanted to really make a statement, I would like to get a spot on the evening news to discuss animal cruelty, and factory farming, and the benefits of going vegetarian. That would be great. Actually that's a little dream of mine. Now Ricky Lake is a different story, I like her show, but her voice is really annoying, and sometimes she reminds me of a school teacher. And Sally Jesse, I'm sorry, but she's a b*tch. My best friend and I have always wanted our own talk show. Actually it would involve me, my best friend Misty, and our other friend, Mike. And we know exactly who our staff would be, and our reporters. Gosh, that would be so fun!

Lisa J., 22

I've been on the local news before for various reasons (I've been interviewed, anyway. I never actually saw myself, so they might have edited me out). I was part of a children's program that they filmed at a park I went to when I was young. They needed some kids to help out and I just happened to be there. I think I was an extra in a movie once, but I don't really remember, it was a long time ago.

Eric, 18
Beverly Hills

I know I have, sorta in the background for some production I was working on. . .one time on a live show we were doing the microphone of a guest's konked out and I had to subtely crawl around her to change it out. . . Also in crowd scenes for parades and gatherings on news reports. . that sort of thing. . .

mothmc, 36
Los Angeles

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