January 19, 2001    





What fiction Genre do you spend the most time with?

Probably my required reading because I have to get through it even if I don't want to. That's not an established genre, so I'm establishing it.

Karen, 21

Without a doubt the Russian writers of the 1800's. Tolstoy,  Doestoyevsky, Chekov, Gogol, etc. They love to weave deep insight on existence that I enjoy finding as I read their tales. The best!

Tracy E., 30
Los Angeles

Fantasy Scifi. I absoulutely Love any fantasy novel, and write some myself. I love art and desire and dreams, and that is fantasy

Adrianne, 15

contemporary literature (usually about real people in real life situations), horror (I.e. stephen king), short stories.

Felicia, 34
, MA   USA

Hmm... probably realstic fiction or mystery. I've read most of Dean Koontz's books. I also like some science fiction, as long as it's not too unrealistic... like George Orwell's 1984 or something.

Jeremy, 13
Highlands Ranch

I read more fantasy and science fiction than anything else. I try to leaven my pleasure reading with generous dallops of non-fiction. I read  fantasy, but I try not to live it.

Jill, 60

The genre of books I read most: I would say that I give the nod to science fiction over classics, by a hair. I mean, I like books like The Sword of Truth Series, Elric Song of the Black Sword, The Forgotten Real books, and Game of Thrones....and of course Lord of The Rings.

Also, I like to read classic books like The Odyssey, The Iliad, Catcher in the Rye, Born on the Fourth of July, and One Few Over the Cuckoos Nest. I am also into reading about Mythology, and about ancient Greece. Hey, that stuff is my bag...

Bruno, 31
, CO   USA

I split my fiction reading pretty evenly between trashing private eye/investigator stories and current literature.

Laura, 35
, MA   USA

I read science fiction/fantasy almost exclusively. I'm definately into that whole scene, I love going to conventions, etc :) I guess im a geek. :)

Talia, 23
, CT   USA

I enjoy reading novels in the horror genre. I also watch horror films a fair amount. My parents say it's giving me nightmares, because I keep waking up in the middle of the night screaming, but I think that's from something else.

Gavin, 15

Horror, ala Stephen King

Firelady, 23
, TX   USA

No particular genre. I'm currently reading Albert Camus' The Plague (already read The Stranger).

Alias Irrelevante

Mysteries, with science fiction second.

Jane, 60
West Linn
, OR   USA

Either the classics or sort of obscure fiction writers. I don't go so much for the mass market paperback stuff... I like writing with a bit of an edge to it.

Maggie, 20
, IL   USA

Wow. Gothic fantacy, If I understood the question right.

Jaden, 21
Brampton, Ontario  CANADA

Murder mysteries, plain mysteries, just read all the Harry Potters...guess that's fantasy-magic. I'll read just about anything though!

Tracy, 24
Ocean City

f I understand the question correctly, then I spend the most time with music. Music is a very important thing in my life. I guess I love just about every kind of music except country, and teeny-bopper waste, like Brittany Spears, and the Backstreet Boys. God help us, the music industry needs some major help.

Lisa J., 22

Short stories....mostly horror or off the wall medical stuff of any sort.

Fisch, 45

science fiction. star wars, isaac asimov's 'foundation' trilogy (not the whole series), and frank herbert's 'dune' trilogy got me completely hooked.

Gemma Lynn

Well, yeah, it is the safest thing in that regards that I know of... Of course, I think it would be really cool if you could do that like Stallone did in that movie...I think it was Demolition Man", in which it was like virtual reality....that would reek of awesomeness.

Bruno, 31

Anti-Utopian novels, like 1984 and Brave New World.

A-Dog, 18

Usually I read current novels. I like books about women's issues, suspense,murder/ mystery.

Janet, 42
E. Brunswick

I LOVE to read and will read anything that looks interesting. I like books by John Grisham and True Crime novels. Also, anything by Maeve Binchy and Rosamunde Pilcher ("The Shell Seekers"). I'll have to admit, though, that my absolute favorite is non-fiction.

Reba, 51

(i like this question a lot. . .) Uh. . . it's been a little while, I hate to admit. . .probably the suspense/horror sort. . contemporary Stephen King sorta stuff. .

mothmc, 36
Los Angeles

i writing this after being up all night. it's 5.45am and i don't plan on sleeping tommorrow. i do this sometimes. gets my sleeping all back in order and stuff. anyway, i thought chas was going to call me last night, as he said he would, but he didn't. the reason why i'm up now is because i took a nap today. i met up with chris today after class and we decided to go to my house and watch a movie. so we got a free movie from downstairs and both fell asleep before it even got started. anyway, i think i might move in with ariane and karmin. or, at least karmin. ariane might move out. i know alot of people in   their building, pretty much no one in my building. anyway, it's a 3 person room designed for 3 people, so i'll have to say goodbye to my 2ft by 2ft square of space i was alotted here. beth called me a slob. had i had a tad more room so that my tiny closet space and all of my 4 drawers were'nt overflowing into my little square, it might've been a little better. beth is just one of those people you would love  to knock down. when we all first moved in, everyone was cool. then elena came. she's fat and tall and loud and yells when she talks and has this annoying laugh you can hear from down the hall. she sits around all day and watches tv, has no job, and has to be around people 24/7. because of her ______personality (i can't think of the word--it's where you come in and take over everything like the blob), she might've been the unspoken leader of the place. i could see early on that beth didn't like that. so she tried to display power over the seemingly weakest member of the place, being me. i wasn't home most of the time and when i was, i didnt socialize much with them b/c i couldn't stand elena. i thought they were tedious people with too much time on their hands (practically nobody worked outside school), who sat around all day long and analyzed things to pieces. me, on the other hand, i have to be doing something every minute of the day, i've never heard or relaxation, my favorite all time job was as a&nb sp;nyc bike messenger, i hold down 2 jobs and full time school. i just didn't like their personalities.i saw the rest of them, with the exception of kerri, the other one whos never here, as weak, cronies, if you will. we never hung out with each other--i had my own friends that i allready knew wouldn't  be compatible with these kids. another thing--these kids do nothing  but complain about thier lives--about guys, money, food, school, this, that, everything. some of my friends are homeless, some are crackheads, some are drug dealers and graffiti kids, some are kids who work to pay for their own education, some struggle with rent and eat nothing but ramen and day-old bread--my roomates think they're "too good" for my friends and for me as well. so i wasn't in the loop around here. and so anyway, beth has been trying to become the queen around here. she bosses people around--if it's not done her way, then that's it. there is no other way. well, yes, i am still pissed about getting kicked out even though i'll be living among friends now. it's not that i got kicked out, it's beth's domineering personality and the other personalities that have fallen in her shadow around here. i wasn't like them . i was the straightedge hardcore kid, into trick bikes and graffiti, into DOING stuff. they were the angsty rich girl type, into poetry and analyzing their feelings. i'm sorry, but i just don't have the patience for that. anyway, i have this nagging feeling that i didn't get kicked out because i didn't keep the place up to their standards over xmas break. something tells me that i got kicked out because i didn't fit--i got along, but my personality didn't fit--i was the different one, too much of an individual for not everyone, jsut beth. she saw my individuality as a threat to her rule of the place and so she got rid of me. the others are too weak to say anything in her presence. when sh'es not around, i've overheard other roomates say "you know, i really thinkg beth is a bitch--what she's doing ot trisha is unfair." and " i'm not just going to let my friend, my fucking roommate, wind up out on the streets because of her." they talk amongst themselves, but not to me or to beth about that kind of thing. anyway.....i do tend to rant and rave. so the whole point of today's events is that i'll find out if ariane and karmin are both completely cool with me moving in by the end of this weekend. if not, then fuck it, i'll just transplant myself somewhere else for the rest of the year. anything to just get the hell out of dodge over here

Trisha, 19
New York

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