January 13, 2001    





When was the turning point in your life (if you had one)?

The turning point in my life, so far, was in the 11th grade of high school. I had two semesters in which I had 5Fs and 2Ds, and the teachers wanted to kick me out of school.

There was a meeting in which I convinced them to give me a chance to prove myself, and I made the honor roll twice in my senior year in high school. In fact, I remember my guidance counselor, who was surprised at the change in my academic results, asking if I had a girlfriend. Of course, that aint going to happen, but whatever. I was motivated by revenge at first, to make all the teachers who doubted me look stupid...

Bruno, 31
, CO   USA

The last week of September 1997, when I went to a mental institution for trying to commit suicide. It really helped because I got put on Prozac which helped my depression.

Melodi, 19
, OH   USA

Probably that moment when the most gifted sperm was admitted to the egg-of-the-month. (And recent research shows that the egg is more receptive to some sperm than to others.)

Jill, 60

I believe I've had several turning points in my life but the biggest one was a year or so after graduating from high school. I'm still not sure what happened, for exactly when it happened but something took place, and I just stopped worrying. I like to think it was God, but it could also be the medication I was put on, Paxil. I don't know but it's had a big impact on my life. And also getting married was a huge turning point. I just don't feel the same way I did before I got married. Something else in me changed. I could go on for hours but I won't.

Lisa J., 22

There were a few. A significant one was when I discovered there was a "name" for the disorder I had suffered with for years; up until then, I truly thought I was either losing my mind or that I was completely alone in having to deal with Panic Disorder. Once I learned that, not only did others suffer the exact same symptoms, but there was actually a name assigned to it, it was like a ton of bricks being lifted from my shoulders. Another very significant turning point was having my daughter. I clearly remember suddenly realizing that I was now to be somebody's mother! Obviously I knew I was going to have a child all the while, but realizing the full amount of responsibility surrounding the word "mother" was a complete awakening for me. I recall being both elated beyond words and at the same time frightened as hell.   Finally, the day we buried my mother was my most recent turning point. I changed   almost instantly in many ways - some for the better and some not so - but mostly I think that I never completely appreciated all that this woman taught me, sacrificed for me, and shared with me, until she was gone from my life.

Fisch, 45
, CT   USA

Well, considering I am only 25, even though I have gone through alot so far, I don't think it qualifies me for a turning point. My life isn't even close to being over yet and I have so much more to learn.

Stephanie, 25

I guess when I moved house, to the Blue Mountains. I've changed alot since then. I think I am more open-minded. I had to change schools, and my parents separated, so life is pretty different now.

Gavin, 15

Hmmm... I guess you could say I had a small one a couple months ago. I was feeling really bad about myself (at one point I was seriously suicidal) but then I saw a television program on raves- it wasn't a very positive program, but I had a feeling there was more to raves then they put across. I checked up on the subject and I've found that it's a culture and community where I'm accepted for who I am- not what I look like or what other people think of me. Despite what others may think, people don't rave just because of the drugs- they rave because there's an incredible sense of acceptance and unity, and most of the ravers I've talked to believe that drugs aren't needed in the scene. It feels really awesome... like I've been wandering for a while and now I'm not anymore. =)

Jeremy, 13
Highlands Ranch

The outer turning points in my life are, I'm sure, similar to other people's: Marriage, children, a new career, etc. The inward turning point, though it wasn't a sudden thing, was accepting that even if bad things happened, and I couldn't keep them from happening, I could control their impact on me.

Jane, 60
West Linn
, OR   USA

I think everyday is a turning point, that's my first impression of this event called "life".

Jami, 27

Developing carpal tunnel syndrome. I know it sounds kinda pathetic but that was the wall I had to hit in order to slow down and figure things out.  The Dr's said I was the youngest case they ever saw to have it that bad.

Alias Irrelevante

My life tends to meander. Lots of things affect it.  The first that comes to mind is when I switched school districts and went to a new one in 9th grade. But some other things were influencing me by then too.   Like the people I met at camp.

Karen, 21

From January of 1994 through February of 1995, I went through a profound life shift. My boyfriend of three years left for Argentina and within months a relationship that I thought would last for years disappeared as he found someone else and decided to marry her.  I then could not find a suitable job in NYC and sold all of my stuff to move to Boston for a new job. Within 2-3 weeks of being there,  myfriend of 17 years, the person who knew me best, was suddenly killed in a car wreck.

My life was in complete turmoil during this time period and after it I emerged a very different person. I sunk into deep depression and became a real friend of change. I became focussed on the moment, began to shun all sorts of rules and things I was suppose to do, took more care about the people I was with and found new sides to myself. Those who had known me for a long time, suddently felt like I was someone else. It was the best and worst time of my life.

Felicia, 34
, MA   USA

Senior year of high school I did something beyond stupid, lost all my friends (95% of them anyway), destroyed myself emotionally, and haven't been the same since. I'm alright again now, but I will never, ever be the same person I was.

Talia,, 23

Cutting my hair in 10th grade. The chicks dug me significantly thereafter.

A-Dog, 18

I'll turn 20 next Thursday - I haven't had a turning point yet

etoile, 19

I haven't necessarily had a turning point, but there have been a couple of life changing moments for me in the past couple of years. 1) finding out I was pregnant, 2) becoming a single mom, and 3) realizing where I need to be career wise. All three of these things have impacted the direction of my life in really major ways.

Maggie, 20

Hasn't happened yet...I think.

Tracy, 24
Ocean City

This is a neat question because there was a definite turning point in my life (for the better, fortunately.) I was a fairly "wild" (and unhappy) young adult when the LDS missionaries knocked on my door. Eventually, I joined the Mormon church and amazingly, within a matter of months my life turned around. I met and married my returned-missionary husband and it has all been uphill ever since.

Reba, 51

I've been fortunate. My life has been reasonably steady. I've enjoyed a very large share of good fortune. I feel like it's been a constantly improving.

Laura, 35
, MA   USA

July of 1999...it made the biggest difference in my life. I thank God for that every day.

Angela, 16

The turning point in my life was when I came out as a gay man at age 15.

Eric, 18
Beverly Hills

When I decided it was time to stop party and hanging and go back to college. I moved back home and went to school.

Janet, 42
E. Brunswick

there have been quite a few. . the most dramatic one, I believe, occured when I couldn't properly cope with a hard ethical and moral issue concerning my best friend and who I probably stupidly still believe was the "great love of my life. ." That was eight years ago, when I was 28. . .

mothmc, 36
Los Angeles

there's this airbrush shop on w 4th. i went in one day, being an ex-airbrush artist, curious aout their work. the owner started talking to me, saying that the guys they had for airbrushing weren't really cutting it. so i asked if i could come in one day and just practice, brush up on my skills. sure, and if i like it and am good, i could start working there on commission. great, since my telephone job sucks ass now. so i told chris about it and he thought the guy was hitting on me and doesn't even want me to go in. fine. he goes to the bar alot to do business at night, so i can just go to the airbrush shop while he's there. i used to be a bike messenger last year and i'm  thinking about doing it again when it gets warmer. he doesn't want me to do that either because we used to work for the same company and some of the guys hit on me there (he was one of them). so he doesn't want me working anywhere where i'll be in the minority as a female. but i'm one of those girls who just gets long better with g uys. growing up in my neighborhood, there were no other girls my age, so i had to play with the guys from the neighborhood. in high school, i was the only girl in an otherwise all guy hardcore band. i got along great with all the guys at the messenger company, but when i quit that and started working at a jewelry store, i hated it because i didn't really make any connections--only girls worked there. chris is really insecure about  me cheating on him. anyway, chris had to do business tonight, but i didn't go to the airbrush shop because i want to get swome good skecthes in my sketchbook and ideas before i go down there, even though i'm just practicing, i really want to work there. anyway,  monday nights at the bar are really good for chris and business, so on monday night i'll go down to test my skills against the mighty airbrush

Trisha, 19
New York
, NY    USA

The turning point in my life happened in July of 1995 when my dad was killed in a car accident. It was 5 months before my 13th birthday when I had to straighten up and help my mom out and set a good example for my younger sister. It's almost 6 years later and I'd say that my dad would be very proud of us.

Kevin2, 18
Frazier Park

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