January 8, 2001    





Now that you've had more of a chance to get to "know" the people that submit to this web page, does any individual(s) stand out in your mind?

A number of people stand out as having very distinctive "voices," that is as being recognizable before you read their name. Melodi, Reba, Alias,Laura are usually easily identified. Jill, too, but then I already knew her.

Jane, 60
West Linn
, OR   USA

I've known "mothmc" for almost 15 years, but reading his posts has given me new insights to him. He hasn't been submitting responses lately, which is too bad. I've always enjoyed reading them.

Laura, 35
, MA   USA

It is so hard for me to answer this. Since I post all of the answers, I  feel as though I have come to know all of the folks on this site. I  know off-line a number already, but it is interesting that I have very distinct impressions of folks who have been submittng to the site for some time. I am so excited every time a new person joins us. Sad when someone who has posted for a while leaves. I am joyful  at the return of a member who has been quiet for some time This online world really is a weird and amazing thing. .

Felicia, 34
, MA   USA

I kinda miss Anthony and Socrates One. I do have off-site access to  Soc but it was still interesting to read his answers.

Alias Irrelevante

I must apologize for skipping this question. I don't have the time this month for a full and complete answer and I would feel ashamed simply giving a quick and superficial answer.

Jill, 60

Hmm... Jill, because she seems like she has a lot of knowledge to offer, and Alias.

Jeremy, 13
Highland Ranch

Of course Anthony, but he's my boyfriend so he doesn't count.  Alias, I still need to meet you. You and I need to chat over coffee one day.  Jane and Jill because they both seem like very very cool women. I want to cook them dinner.  Felicia because she's so nice about editing posts :) And shout-outs to Karen, very cool, and suprisingly the 13 year old Jeremy, who is quite deep and thoughtful for his age.

Amy, 24
New Orleans

nothing much happened today, nothing really had time to. i went to work at 10:30am to 3pm, then to my other job at 5pm-10pm. i came home, ate dinner, called chas but got his answering machine, and went to sleep in front of the tv. it's 4am now. but see that's good because that means me sleeping patterns are getting right again. it used to be i could not go to sleep until 7 or 8am. even though i didn't get much hours of sleep, i DID go to sleep at a normal time. that's good, i'm proud of myself. my day job i'm an artist's assistant. the artist i work for does these bigger than lifesize drawings of girls who killed their parents or family. i fill in hair and jeans and any big area that needs to be filled in. i really like it and the artist is extremely cool. then at night i work for a telephone survey company. yes, i'm one of THOSE people who calls up in the middle of dinner, asking  "and how are you doing today? very well, somewhat well, somewhat not well, very not well, or neither well nor not well." and 50 other questions just like it. i like it. even though most people bitch and complain and hang up on you, you always get one person who jokes with you or makes you laugh or just in general restores your faith in humanity. that one person has the ability to make the interviewer's night. plus i like talking to strangers. i use an ex-boyfriend's name (his name was stacy), and i always get nervous when i call around my hometown b/c i forgot his number and it'd be great for him to pick up and i say "hi, my name is stacy *******, i'm calling from....." "wait a minute...I"M stacy--you sound familiar....who is this???"i'd love to call up someone i know, though. anyway, chas works on the phone too. he's one of THOSE people when you haven't paid your sprint cellular bill and you dial up a friend, the number gets rerouted b/c you haven't paid your bill, and you get to talk to chas about it. yay! he's also customer service for sprint. i used to be a phone hacker, so i think my work is really interesting, too, technica lly---i used to scan long lists of numbers alot, trying to find vioce mails to hack into or answering services and the like. telephone surveys are not unlike that, except the intent is different and you actually talk to people.

Trisha, 19
New York
, NY   USA

Yeah! Bruno, 31! In the replies for the question, "What would you change if you were president" I couldn't help but say "YYYeessss!" I totally agreed with him on the marijuana issue and especially the part about animal cruelty. I love you man! And there's this woman, she's 60; there's two 60 year olds, but it was the one who said something like "Men propose, God..." well, anyway, I liked it.

Lisa J., 22

Well I read the more recent entries and I'd have to say Alias Irrelevante mostly because I liked his/her answer to the question 'What does religion mean to you?' and also I think the name is cool.

Dianne, 16
Oshawa, Ontario  CANADA

Felicia and Jeremy stand out in my mind as two intelligent, clever individuals who choose to "live" life rather than just be observers.Whenever I read how others have responded to questions, my eye seems to gravitate to their answers as I'm anxious to see how they have answered.

Reba, 51
, MD   USA

Alias Irrelevante, mostly just because it's a handle rather than a name, and Anthony & his girlfriend--Amy? And Felicia, of course.

Karen, 21

Absolutely. Alias, because he is obviously a writer like I am; Jane,  because she seems to have come to a comfortable place in life and I envy the wisdom and serenity that eminates from her postings; some others stick out because i strongly, strongly disagree with their viewpoints, and some others stick out because they seem to voice my very thoughts. :)

Talia, 23
, CT   USA

I like to look for Jane's (from Oregon) answers. They seem solid and carefully thought out, even though at times, I haven't agreed - she's interesting. Jill has a lot to say as well - and Jeremy, for a very young  person, writes nicely and seems to put feeling into his answers. Kevin from GA is usually fun to read, and Alias sometimes causes me to reflect on my own self. I think there's a great blend of thinkers on this site. Kudos to Felicia for running the show!!

Fisch, 45
, CT   USA

there isn't actually just one person that has caught my attention. I just love reading others opinions, and everything else.

Anjel, 19

I would say that Lisa stands out in mind, since I don't know anybody who agrees with me that marijuana should be legalized. Reba stands out too, mainly because I work with her...

Bruno, 31
, CO   USA

alias irrelevante

Gemma Lynn

Thats my fault for not participating too much and not being too interesting :-\ I like reading everyones answers though.

Karen2, 15
, MA   USA

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