February 28, 2001    





Have you ever gotten in a fight and who won?

I take karate! I'm fighting every other day, and I usually win too! But an actual fight? ONce, In grade 7, some girl tried to beat me up in the girl's bathroom... she had good reason, but I still won.

Dianne, 16
Oshawa, Ontario  CANADA

I get in verbal battles on a daily basis almost. As for physical fights, other than those of the sibling variety, I have never hit or been hit.

Felicia, 35
, MA   USA

No physical fights. There are some I should have gotten into. I would have won. But no.

Firelady, 23
, TX   USA

Uh, the most memorable fight I was in happened when I was in high school. Actually, I was involved in some sort of club and arrived a few hours hour for a meeting, and ran into another guy there. He pushed my buttons, so I chased him around the area, until we were caught by the people in charge of the groups, and they balled us out, which I didn't think was fair, since he pressed my buttons. I can take a lot of stuff, but even I have my limits. This guy went past the invisible line in the sand, and I lost control. During the meeting, which lasted an hour or two, I seethed inside... afterwards, this friend of his, and himself, beat me up, giving me a nice shiner. Being very uncoordinated, the only offensive moves I got in was a full-nelson, bear-hug, and a headlock (power moves). Obviously, in a two on one situation, I did not fare too well. On the plus side, people at school were impressed with my nice shiner. (The only other fights were with my brother, and they don't count).

Lerch, 30
Parts Unknown

Something tells me you mean a physical fight, a fistfight. The answer to that is no. But of course I've had fights with my parents, my girlfriends, employers, etc.

etoile, 20

I've never been in a physical fight. I've had the occasional verbal battle, usually with nobody really winning.

Jane, 60
West Linn
, OR   USA

I presume you're referring to a physical fight. No, never been in one of those.

Reba, 51

I have only been in one fight and that was when I was in high school. I won but I think only cuz she was alot shorter than me and was scared in the first place. But she started the swinging first, I just had to finish it.

Stephanie, 25

Not recently. Not recently. My dad was a boxer who liked to relive his glory days and after 'losing' enough times to him I never really went after fights anywhere. Also, because I'm kind of big, not too many people have come after me. The last thing I can remember that resembled a fight was at my 4th highschool. Some kid was making fun of my girlfriend so I bashed his head into a locker. We never talked much before that but the next day we were good friends.

Alias Irrelevante

A physical fight? My brother and I used to knock each other around a bit. He was five years older, though, so it wasn't real fighting. He mostly just let me hit him.

Karen, 21

Not really. Some girl misheard something I said and attacked me once, but she didn't really hurt me and I didn't fight back I just lay there in shock.

Talia, 23
, CT   USA

Physical fight? As a child I had battles with siblings which nobody won since we were always both punished. At one point I was in a violently physically abusive relationship. Who won? I was outweighed by 80 pounds and handicapped by superior ethics. Frequently I'm in conflict with my baser being. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. These days I try to avoid confronting the universe (or any part of the universe) in hand to hand combat, but sometimes flight and appeasement are neither possible nor practical. I win some, I lose some and accept stalemates.

Jill, 60

I got into a fight when I was in junior high school.  At that time, I thought I won. But looking at it now, no one won. Fighting does not make anyone a winner.

Cathy, 26

I've never got in a fistfight, but I've been in lots of verbal screaming fights. No one usually wins -- I see my side, they see theirs, and no one feels like compromising in the heat of the moment. We usually cool down and then discuss it later.

Katie2, 18
, MI   USA

If you're referring to a fist-fight, jeeze it had to have been about 30 years ago, back in high school (see response to least favorite high school memory) and the fight wasn't a fair one...ratio 5:1...I lost miserably. As for verbal fights, intermittently throughout the years, and most often, I won!

Fisch, 45
, CT   USA


Angela, 16
, SC   USA

My brother and I used to get into brawls when we were younger. It was pretty much half and half as to who won. If I could get a good hold of his short hair or kick him between the legs I usually was the winner.

Ahh happy family memories.

Maggie, 20
, IL   USA

I've never been in a physical fight, although my friends and i always have plenty of friendly wrestling and tussling going on. I don't know if i would win a fight. I'm pretty tenacious and one buff babe:) - or at least i like to think so, so i think i couold probably win a fight or two. I hope i don't have to find out soon though...

Sarah S., 17
, NY   USA

My sister Karen always won. She was older. By the time I was big enough to beat her, we didn't fight anymore.

Laura, 36
, MA   USA

I've gotten into a few fights over the years, and actual physical fights at that. I decked them all :P

Shanna, 15
Cardiff  ENGLAND

Not too big of a fight, but I punched a girl once in high school because she was mouthing off about me or one or my friends (I don't remember) so I belted her one in the stomach and that was the last we heard from her.

Tracy, 24
Ocean City

I have gotten into fights and my mom usually wins them.

Jason, 21
, NY   USA

I fought the law and the law won.

A-Dog, 18

I think I already told the story of when I kicked a bar bouncer in the balls. I can safely say that I won!

Susan, 32
, IL   USA

Can say I was ever in a physical fight.

Janet, 42
E. Brunswick

oh yeah, like every day. . . usually I win, unless, of course, I'm fighting somebody else. . .

mothmc, 36
Los Angeles

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