December 22, 2001    





What is your least favorite part of the holidays?

The second when I open a present that (A. I already have, (B.I will never even consider using, (C.has already been used, or (D. all of the above. That makes for an awkward moment.


The thing I like least about the holidays is the gifts. Not the actual receiving of the gifts, because that is a nice gesture. But the expecting of a gift. Why do we not have the popular saying more often? "Its better to give than receive."

Stephanie, 25

I do not like to put up the Christmas tree and put on the lights. Decorating it is OK. But I can not bring myself to put the lights on it.

Janet, 44
E. Brunswick
, NJ   USA

my little jerk of a ten year old cousin, he is horrid and gets away with murder because he is diabetic.. I know that sounds bad but you should see this kid in action.

Maggie, 22
, IL   USA

I'm with Carly Simon on this one.... A N T I C I P A T I O N. Ugh...the big countdown...that's the worst (for Christmas anyway).

Fisch, 46
, CT   USA

Being on the other side of an ocean from my family and most of my friends.

Ryan, 28
Riedlingen   GERMANY

I have a relative who is very unpleasant during Christmas. Unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid spending at least some time with him.

Laura, 36
, MA    USA

there's so many things i love about the holidays, but then there's things i could definatly leace behind. the crowds at the mall, the headache of knowing all the shopping you have to do, your family reminding you that you're taller than you were last year even if you only grew an eighth of an inch. but the holidays are too good to let them get you down, even if it is more commercial than religious to most people. i say, be thankful for what you do have. beleive me.

Ally, 14

Enforced family togetherness.

Jill, 60
, PA   USA

I guess I would have to say the parties. At parties, the main activities seem to be eating and socializing. I like to eat alright but I don't seem to be able to socialize with groups of people that I don't know that well. Groups of one or two people that I know well are different.

Reba, 50+
Silver Spring

I did NOT ask this question...somebody has been using my who could that be...Let me any rate...I suppose having a cow about whether people will like what I got...whatever.

age unknown, parts unknown

Being obligated to shop. Far too many people are involved in shopping. Ick.

Johanna, 18

I love the holidays, but my least favorite part is the gift giving thing. Now, i'm not trying to be a hypocrite, I like to get presents, everyone does, and I love to give gifts, and make someone smile when they open a wrapped up box to see something they really wanted. And it's alot of fun to go Christmas shopping. The thing is is that, some people feel pressured to go out and buy gifts for everybody, you know like they feel it's expected of them. And alot of times people feel like they have to spend alot of money on gifts. Like one time, for Christmas , I bought my Mom and Dad a carpet shampooer\steamer thing because I had a little extra money that year. It cost around $175 dollars. And come to find out, my Mom was worried that it made some other people in my family feel bad because they didn't have that much money to spend that year. And that kinda made me feel bad too. Anyway, you see how it gets messy? And i'm sure you've seen those commercials where someone is talking about how they "only" spent $100 on their friend or whomever. People don't need that kind of pressure during the holidays. Alot of people don't have that kind of money to spend on expectations. I've actually considered bringing up the idea to my immediate family to only buy presents for the children in our family from now on. Since the only people that get really excited about Christmas is kids. My idea of a great Christmas is to have everyone over to just hang out together and talk and just spend quality time with everyone. I hope one day that things will change.

Lisa J., 23

The mall.

Jennifer, 20

Entering any sort of shopping establishment. God I love the Internet

Felicia, 35
, MA    USA

I don't know. Being shut in, I guess. Because I'm used to being out, going to work, going to school, and all that. Not that I'm ever planning to go to school again. But overall, the holidays are a blast! : ) I just wish it would snow a little more.

Karen, 22
, IA   USA

The annoying Christmas music that plays EVERYWHERE you go...and the fact that Christmas seems to start the day after's just too commercialized.

Angela, 18
Bella Vista

Family quarrels.

Jane, 62
West Linn
, OR    USA

The rush and the depression.

Jaden, 21
Brampton, Ontario  CANADA

Splitting up time between everyone. I wish it could just be one holiday per family and it rotates every such luck. My parents and parents-in-law live only 10 minutes from each other so you can't see one and not the other so all our time always has to be divided up fairly between both families. It's hard (but worth it in the end when you get to see everyone)!

Tracy, 24
Ocean City
, NJ   USA

Persons who are homeless and kids without toys.

Melodi, 19
, OH   USA

trying to schedule everything so that nobody gets pissed

Firelady, 23
, TX   USA

nothing to do


The depression that they cause particularly for people who have problematic relationships with their families and/or loved ones, is definitely the worst part.

Eric, 19
Beverly Hills

the actual formal gift exchange on Christmas morning(or whenever it is)

mothmc, 37
Los Angeles

The shopping.

Celeste, 30
Colorado Springs

Yesterday / Tomorrow