December 15, 2001    





Does anybody's opinions (if so, who) hold a lot of influence over you?

The opinions of my father hold the most influence over me. He is very smart and has been successful in life so as I became an adult I learned to value his opinion.

Russell, 36
, NC   USA

yes, my best friend's opinion mean alot to me


My mother's opinions have always influenced me. She's the one I always ask for advice.

Ry, 23

Roger Ebert

Jonathan, 19
, NC   USA

I wish I could say "no" or "my husband's" but I can't. For some reason (I don't know why) there's a woman at work whose opinions I pay a LOT of attention to. I've often wondered why and all I can think of is that she reminds me of my mother.

Reba, 50+
Silver Spring

My father's I was younger and throughout most of my adult life. He was a profoundly wise man with a seemingly natural ability to sort things out and simplify even the most abstract views. Though I don't quite share this talent of his, he's had more of an influence on me than anyone else I know.

Fisch, 46
, CT   USA

Yes, my parents' opinions have an influences over what I do and how I believe.

Melodi, 19
, OH   USA

My best friend's b/c she's always honest with me..and sometimes my boyfriend's opinion if what I'm asking for an opinion on concerns him.

Angela, 18
Bella Vista

I am most influenced by the opinions of those I love and respect.  Over the years, this would have meant my father, my husband, and now my daughter. More than anyone, I was influenced by my maternal grandmother, whose wisdom guided me even after her death at the age of 97.

Jane, 62
West Linn
, OR   USA

My husband's opinion probably means the most to me and he is most likely to sway my way of thinking.

Laura, 36
, MA   USA

Since I know I'm a very dogmatic person, I make a point of listening to other points of view. At my age there is no one person who can influence every decision.

Jill, 60
, PA   USA

Tough question. It changes for me and is often someone in the workplace, a teacher, or a peer. Right now it is a toss up between my boss and a colleague.

Felicia, 35
, MA   USA

I'd like to say no, but that would be untrue. People's opinions bother me: I  assume that everyone is thinking negative things about me--I have very little self-confidence. I never really change my behavior or beliefs because of this, though.

Johanna, 18

I guess my parents standpoint on things have had an affect on me.

Talia, 24
, CT   USA

No one that I can think of at the moment.

Alias Irrelevante

Influence, yes. Control, no. I value a lot of people's opinions. . .that happens when certain people are important to you.

Karen, 22

I try to make up my own mind about things, but I also certainly try to keep an open mind to everyone. So, in a sense, nobody really has a lot of influence, but everybody does.

Eric, 19
Beverly Hills

sure. ..a couple of my friends who are really intelligent and/or smart. ..

mothmc, 37
Los Angeles

my parents opinion matters very much to me still, aside from that no one  really...

Maggie, 22
, IL   USA

my closest friends, there opinions mean the world to me, thoguh i might not follow them i definately take them into consideration

Nicole2, 20

I may have already answered this question...I don't know, but whatever. At any rate, the people who have much influence on me are 2: 1. Like Reba, this person at work hold a tremendous influence over me. Like, whenever she starts talking, I turn around to listen to whatever she is saying. To use an obscure reference, she is like the Oracle at Delphi..or, to use a more contemporary reference, she is like EF Hutton...except when it comes to entertainment or politics...which we do not agree.

2. My brother...anybody at work could tell you that I place too much value on what he says. It is just a good thing he hasn't told me to jump of a cliff to see if I can fly...

age unknown, parts unknown

My parents, my family, and some friends and co-workers.

Ryan, 28
Riedlingen  GERMANY

Yeah, I listen to all of the opinions and then try and form my own. Nothing is better then the opinion from a good friend.

Keri-Jade, 21
Brampton, Ontario  CANADA

My own gut feelings count for a lot but I will listen to the opinions of my husband, my mother and my sister.

Celeste, 30
Colorado Springs

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