August 24, 2001    





Do any particular teachers of your past or present schooling stick out in your mind as being extraordinary teachers?

Few of my elementary school or high school teachers were outstanding in a positive way. One exception was Mr. Hunter whom I had for 9th grade social studies and 10th grade English. I had many excellent college teachers.

Jill, 60

I had some amazing professors in college, but the teacher who has always  stood out in my mind is Miss Relihan, who taught me English in the sixth through eighth grades. She both provided a thorough understanding of grammar and showed us the joy of writing clear, graceful prose.

Jane, 60
West Linn
, OR   USA

Two actually, both English teachers. One was my 7th grade English teacher, Mrs. Bates. A lot of people didn't like her and as you can imagine, her name earned her some nicknames, but..when I had to be homebound due to illness, she was my tutor and I couldn't have asked for a more encouraging individual. Was she tough? Absolutely..but she knew that I had potential and because of her I realized that I do have somewhat of a gift when it comes to writing poetry. My sophomore and junior English teacher, Mrs. Southern, also was a great encouragement to me. She was the one who suggested I graduate from high school early and she was the one to proofread all my papers for College Composition 1 and 2. Without her help, I probably never would have realized that there are no boundaries in life unless we put them there.

Angela, 16
Bella Vista

My eleventh grade high school English teacher, his name was Ralph McConnell

Melodi, 19
, OH   USA

i had this awesome fourth grade teacher, mrs mclaughlin. she was just so cool. id do anything to have her again. she seriously made everything fun, there was not one bad or boring day in that class. then in the seventh grade i had an english teacher, mrs berman. she was awesome - shes the one who encouraged me to start writing.

Karen2, 15
, MA   USA

Joseph Kling a college mentor who showed that the world could be a changed by working together and Chuck Barnwall a high school teacher who opened my eyes to the idea that things don't necessarily happen for the reasons that those in power tell us they do..

Felicia, 35
, MA   USA

There are 2 teachers. One was my English professor the first and second semester of college. He is incredibly intelligent and was so helpful to me when I was having troubles my first year of college. The other was my English teacher my junior year of high school. He was also incredibly smart. We were buds. Unfortunately, he died a few months back. I'll always remember him.

Jennifer, 19

My eighth english teacher was and still is my idol. I plan to teach one day and I want to teach like her. She was deeply intelligent, an independent thinker, funny... she supervised the poets and writers club as well. I wonder is she's still at her old e-mail address... hmm...

Johanna, 18

Phew... hard to say, school life ceases so fast from the memory if you are't in school anymore... However, what I remember is a math teacher in 11th grade - she was superd, she was still rather young and all nice, but at the same time experienced and could handle us well, and, whew, she teached fast but all got along - she was really, yeah, extraordinary, she did a superb job.

Holger, 21

Representing HS, I would have to say Ms. Rainman, my Broadcast TV...kind of class...She was the first teacher I ever had who did not treat me like a jack..., because I was in the idiot class, and she treated me like like she expected me to do well... Representing college, my philosophy professor. First off, philosophy is a cool, he praised me to the sky when I told him in advance if I could not make it too class...

age unknown, parts unknown

We already had this question, and I don't think it was very long ago.

Fisch, 45
, CT    USA

Ive had the fortune of having many extraordinary teachers. My high school  english teacher, college psychology professor, college American Studies teacher and college creative writing teacher stand out.

Talia, 24
, CT   USA

I had an English teacher, Mrs. Fine and she gave me her appreciation of good literature and Mrs. Lerner helped me realize that I could make a living as an artist and help discover how to follow my dream.

Janet, 44
E. Brunswick

Mrs. Lopez from third grade and Mr. Berkowitz from high school.

etoile, 20

I enjoyed being taught by Joe Mei (in highschool) and Bruce W.  Powe (this past year).

Jaden, 21
Brampton, Ontario  CANADA

Yep. I had some really great English teachers in high school. And a couple cool science ones too.

Karen, 21

I had many good teachers. None of them seemed extraordinary, though.

Laura, 36
, MA   USA

My 5th grade teacher-Mrs. Morales and my 12th grade teacher-Mrs. Lopez


When I was a freshman I had a world geography teacher named Mr. Boschee. He was a man in his 50's and was divorced. He was a great teacher because he did not teach us stuff out of the book. He made up his own lesson plans. He had traveled to many places and seen many things and he told us of his experiences. Remembering these stories made us remember

Heather, 15

Absolutely! They're most of the reason that I am a teacher today. My third, fourth, and sixth grade teachers were the most influential and one math teacher from 8th grade. I thank every one of them for helping me get where I am today!!

Tracy, 24
Ocean City

sure. . .Ms. Canastra in 5th Grade was great. . .I loved Mr. David in High school, and there was another great English teacher in college. . .I miss school. .

mothmc, 36
Los Angeles

Two teachers; Miss Lucas, teacher for "Marketing"; of when I was in 12th grade, and Mr. Szakylhidi {spelling of name unknown; pronounced "zak-ul-hi-dee"} of when I was in his class for "Virginia and U.S. History"; back in 10th or 11th grade; believe it was 11th grade.

Ivan, 20
, VA  USA 

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