August 15, 2001    





What smells (if any) do you enjoy?

Seafood (but not too stong), citrus fruits, and Lilacs.

Dianne, 16
Ontario  CANADA

Almost any smell of baking; the world after rain; flower smells that come from flowers (as opposed to perfume bottles); and clean babies.

Jill, 60

my husband
dirty dog paws
Chanel No. 5
roasting chicken
brownies in the oven

Laura, 36
, MA   USA

Melting butter/margarine, locust blossoms, my boyfriend, oranges, cookies, pizza. . .

Karen, 21

New-baked bread, fresh mountain air, clean baby, herbs, carnations, chocolate or coffee on a cold morning. The list could be much longer.

Jane, 60
West Linn
, OR   USA

Gasoline, Cool Water cologne, marijuana smoke (I don't smoke it, but I do like the smell), and the smell outside right before it rains or snows.

Angela, 16
Bella Vista

I have a breadmaker, and I just love the smell of it baking the Eagle wheat makes me hungry

Melodi, 19
, OH   USA

It depends on the seasons but mostly fresh flowers and fresh cut grass. The smell of my mom's house when she is cooking dinner and my fiance's cologne.

Stephanie, 25

I enjoy nice spicy soft smelling cologne on women and men.

Marci, 56
, OH   USA

The smell of my son's hair when he is fresh out of the bathtub. The smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven. Cinnamon clove candles. My boyfriend's cologne. Lots of others...

Maggie, 20
, IL   USA

Lilacs, roses, the Adirondack woods, rain, freshly brewed coffee, warm baked bread, Ivory soap, chlorine after a swim, certain pipe tobaccos

Felicia, 35
, MA   USA

Cool question. I love the smell of freshly brewing coffee (regular flavor) throughout the house. I also love the smell of a nice roast in the oven....fresh carnations.....a cleanly bathed newborn....newly moved grass.....the smell of the ocean....and one of my favorites is the smell that comes up from the hot ground in summer after a cooling rainstorm.

Fisch, 45
, CT   USA

I enjoy the smell of freshly fallen rain, the smell of a crisp autumn morning.

Rebecca, 27

Cinnamon, the "harvest spice" scent used for candles, the "country apple" scent used for bath products, peach. The scent of cookies baking.

Talia, 24
, CT   USA

I have always loved the smell of gasoline. My mother used to tell me if I inhale it I will get some kind of disease, but I don't think that's true. I haven't grown a third arm or anything... yet. My favorite perfume is DKNY and I loooove when guys wear Curve. I recommend it to any guy who wants to

Jennifer, 19

i love mens cologne...especially Happy for Men~~~that totally turns me

Mandi, 16
Lake City
, MN   USA

A lot of the smells I enjoy are kitchen smells even though I am not much of an eater. I LOVE the smell of coffee brewing, especially hazelnut, but I HATE coffee. I love the smells of anything with cinamin in it - and I like the taste of cinimin too. I have always loved the smell of turkey cooking - but I think that is more because of the memories it evokes.


No contest: I love the smell of old is like the sweetest smell in the world. I have books that are as old as almost 90 years old, and they have that unmistakeable smell of old books. What can I say, other than it is my bag...

age unknown, parts unknown

chocolate :) ... and cakes baking in the oven.

Alice, 21
Winchester  UK

My absolute favorite smell is smelled only in July when the honeysuckle is in bloom. Walking to the bus stop early in the morning the air is so heavy with humidity and scented lightly with honeysuckle.

Reba, 50 +
Silver Spring

There's this guy that I work with...he smells really good. And it's not because of any cologne you could buy in a store. I guess it's sweat, or maybe it's just his own special smell. Regardless, I really enjoy it.

Jaden, 21
Brampton, Ontario  CANADA

I enjoy the smell of cologne and the smell of good food.

Eric, 19
Beverly Hills

I enjoy the smell of flowers and nature. I also like the smell when you go to the beach.

Heather, 15

Burning wood/leaves in the fall. Homemade chocolate chip cookies baking.  Rain. Tommy cologne on my husband. Clean laundry. Babies. Pancakes and bacon cooking in the morning. The beach. CHOCOLATE!!!

Tracy, 24
Ocean City

Fresh baked bread, clean sheets dried outside on the line, flowers, the rain, the ocean.

Janet, 42
E. Brunswick

We have two large baking factories at each end of town, so I can stand outside and smell the cookies baking. Yummy! I also like the smell of gasoline...not sure why, I just always have. I've never been able to understand the point in huffing, though. Hugo, Cool Water, and Gravity colognes, and more, I'm sure. And whenever I go through the coffee-bean aisle at the grocery store, I have to stop and smell the openings to the grinders and stuff. Oh, and nature always smells good, unless the part of nature you're in happens to be a livestock farm. Argh! Stop me before I smell again!

K. Lampe, 20

I like the smell of petrol. I also like the smell that accumulates at concerts from everyone's sweat. Must be some sort of strange fetish, because everyone I know detests the smell.

Shanna, 16
Cardiff  ENGLAND

I love the smell of a fresh, stuffed crust pizza with cheese hanging off of it, with mushrooms, green peppers and onions. I love the smell of a freshly rolled joint being lit. I love the smell of my mom and dad's house. I love the smell of the air outside just before it starts to rain, and after it's through raining. I love the smell of a clean motel room when I'm on vacation. I love the smell of a cat that has just been shampooed. And I love the smell of cedar. Who doesn't? And I love the smell of clothes fresh out of the dryer. I love the smell of burning incense. And I love the smell of my husband's hair. I love the smell of my grandmother's perfume, when I hug her its like I just squeezed a little scent out of her. That's just a few things.

Lisa J., 22

fresh baked cookies and super stinky fish

mothmc, 36
Los Angeles

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