April 25, 2001    





Would you describe your experiences in high school as "the best times of your life?"

Absolutely not. My interests and values were not those of my classmates. We had very little--except age and humanity--in common. As is typical with adolescents in groups, they were a bit short on the humanity.

Jill, 60

At the time, they felt like the most splendid and exhilerating times of my life. My lifelong and dearest friends were made at that time. But best. No. I would never want to go back to those days. Even when the present is not so hot, moving forwad is all I ever want to do. With due respect to the past of course.

Felicia, 35
, MA   USA

Nope, just another time period with goods and bads. If the best years of your life involve living with your parents and eating cafetaria food maybe gun control is a good thing.

Alias Irrelevante

Well, no. . .

Karen, 21
, IA    USA

In some respects it was certainly the most carefree, cause I didn't know how much responsibility there was awaiting me. Party Hardy!! Crash and get up and do it again! I think being unsure and uncertain about my own identity/self I would not want to go through again. But now I do believe in that saying: Youth is wasted on the young. I do wish I knew then what I know now!!!

Janet, 42
E. Brunswick
, NJ   USA

no. . . although, if I approached it differently I think they could have been. . .I was far too defensive, and covered my deeply ignorant, judgemental views on music and life in general with a superior attitude that isolated me from making the deep, warm connections I could have made. . . .I still didn't have the "being cool" thing quite down yet. . And I couldn't allow myself to believe that it was the high priority it properly was for me . . .

mothmc, 36
Los Angeles
, CA   USA

Certainly not! I was bored silly in high school, despite a full calendar of extracurricular activities, and I got out of there and to college as swiftly as possible.

Jane, 60
West Linn
, OR   USA

Hell no. Unless they improve dramatically within the next three years, my school days will be filed under "Felt Like Armageddon". Each day I have to endure six hours of complete boredom learning things that I don't want to learn amongst people I don't want to know in an enviroment that I don't want to be in. I hate it with a fiery passion. Three very, very, very long years and I'll be out of that hell hole and leading a new existence in University.  I'm counting the days already.

Shanna, 15
Cardiff   ENGLAND

my high school experience looking back on it seemed like good fun, but when I was there I know that I didn't enjoy it. If I could do it all again I would, only without puberty. I really enjoyed college that was the best time I've had so far.


More likely the worst of times: I hated high school. In fact, if it weren't for the Legendary Big Guy Sarge, I would not be around now to dispense my various witicisms here. Sarge was the one good thing in high school. It is one thing to be a freak in college and beyond, in high school...well, it reaked...period. I blocked out my high school memories for a reason...

Mick, 30

Absolutely not. I would describe them as "the times when I learned about life." My high school experience wasn't bad, but I know that there are things in life I am going to enjoy much more than high school-fortunately my high school experience prepared me for things most lucky people never even will have to face in life.

Angela, 16
, SC    USA

hell no!!!!anyone who says it was either wasnt there, was high, or wasnt aware of what goes on in high school!!!


Definitely NOT!!! I hated high school.

Melodi, 19
, OH   USA

I suppose I haven't lived enough of my life to judge whether these will be the best days of my life but, if twenty years from now, I realize that they have been, then I will be very disappointed. I have always reassured myself with the idea that I have been tossed into bad circumstance; that of course I will not enjoy high school here in dysfunctional, white-collar, cultureless, constricting suburbia, and that a comfy liberal arts college somewhere in Ohio will comfort me far more, but I am not so certain. Maybe these will be the best days of my life. Maybe I just don't recognize happiness until I view it as a memory.

Johanna, 18

High school was great. I have so many awesome memories. I have yet to have as much fun in college yet. I love ya Mr. Buj.

Jennifer, 19


Jenn, 18
, MI   USA

No. I was living at home with my parents (no independence) and I went to a school that at best tolerated my identity and at worst viewed it with disdain. High school isn't fun for queer teenagers.

Eric, 19
Beverly Hills

My high school years were anything but the best times of my life. I didn't start living until I was 30.

Reba, 51
, MD   USA

I don't know that I'd say the best time of my life, but it was a lot of fun.

etoile, 20

Some of the best, some of the worst. This is kind of close to a question we had not too long ago. I got too long winded on that one so I'll keep this brief. I went to high school during an era of racial unrest and upheaval.  There were several incidents, even at the school I went to, which I'd rather forget. As for the friendships I built during high school times, they made for some of the fondest memories I have today.

Fisch, 45
, CT   USA

Oh god no!! I certainly hope that those four years were NOT the best of my life. I spent four years there as an insecure self hating girl. I hated every minute of high school start to finish. I just thank god that I came out of self-loathing mode as soon as I left the confines of that place. I am sure some people have a great time in high school but I honestly can say that it was not a healthy place for me.

Maggie, 20
, IL   USA

yes, I would. During High School there were no worries about bills and a job or anyone else yet you were old enough to still be considered an adult.  So far, the best times in my life were high school.

Stephanie, 25

My high school years were the friggin worst years of my life.

Talia, 23


Tracy, 24
Ocean City

No, more like 'slightly less hellish than middle school'.

Jonathan, 19
, NC   USA

I'd be pretty pathetic if that were the truth, but it's not.

Firelady, 23
, TX   USA

seeing as i'm only a freshman in high school, i don't think i can fairly answer this question. but given the year i've already experienced, not really. it was a nice year and i met some cool people but i definitely had a lot more fun in my old school.

Karen2, 15
, MA   USA

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